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The Future of Fitness Quest 10… And Then Some

Who needs a little “mellow-yellow” time these days? You know, a few days off after a stressful few weeks, months, and even year. With cold weather blistering much of the U.S. and the pandemic still looming around (better but still not gone), there’s a good chance you need some relaxation and rejuvenation time too.

My wife and I just got back from a 4-day long-weekend to Sedona, AZ, celebrating our 20th anniversary. Sedona is one of the most amazing places on the planet with its beautiful red-rocks and unique mountainous terrain in the desert. If you have not yet been there and are in need to visit a “spiritual and energy vortex,” this place is it.

Enjoying time in Sedona, AZ, at the fantastic Enchantment Resort

While in Sedona, we received some of the best news we’ve heard in almost a year. We got the news that CA Gov. Newsom has lifted the ban on high-school sports and that the kids can return to play immediately. My two boys Luke & Brady (football and lacrosse) are ecstatic, along with all of their teammates and classmates.

While a few “things” still have to happen, we are hopeful that high-school football will start practice in pads this Friday, February 29th, with the first game kicking off on March 19th.


These seniors have been through one-heckuva year, and I hope that the proposed 5-game season (for football at least) happens without much of a glitch and that all boys & girls can taste a few months of “normalcy” with sports, activities, and maybe even SCHOOL! 🙂

High-school sports are resuming in CA this week!

Check out Today’s Podcast on “The Future of Fitness Quest 10”

Speaking of GREAT NEWS, you’re going to love today’s podcast episode. As you know, I’ve made some historical changes at Fitness Quest 10 this year, and I’m bringing in a partner at Fitness Quest 10.

On today’s IMPACT Show, you will get to hear from my new partner Jeff Bristol as we discuss the future of Fitness Quest 10, along with many other things. Which includes:

  • What specific changes I’m making at FQ10 and Todd Durkin Enterprises (TDE), and WHY I’m making them.
  • How Jeff Bristol went from being a front-desk “Director of First Impression” to the top trainer to assistant GM, to General Manager of FQ10, to my business partner.
  • The pandemic and how it accelerated our discussions of the inevitable.
  • How do you go to the next level when you are uncertain or scared, but you know another level exists.
  • The future of FQ10 and the fitness industry & how Jeff and I will work together to make FQ10 even better.
  • Your purpose and living the “impossible dream.”


Regardless of what you do for a living and how much success you have had or desire, I know this episode will motivate and inspire you. It will not only help you dream big, but it will also challenge you to make sure your biggest dreams and current action steps align so that you can ultimately live your life’s purpose and fulfill your God-given potential.

After all, the “purpose of life is to live a life of purpose,” correct?

Enjoy your day. Keep dreaming…and be sure to get some mellow-yellow time on your calendar soon. And I hope you receive some “great news” soon also!

Much love…and lots of change.


P.S. #1. GOING LIVE this Friday at 12 noon PST/1 pm EST.

I have a ton on my mind that I want to discuss and share. Join me for the 1-hour show “LIVE” from the “new” Fitness Quest 10, as I will discuss five random but deep thoughts I have on my mind.

Additionally, I will be giving away a ton of swag on the LIVE. This includes some brand-new MINDRIGHT MANIAC GREY HOODIES, CarnoSyn Swag Bags, my Get Your Mind Right book, and some other “surprises” that you will not want to miss.

Where: Facebook and IG
When: Friday, February 29th at 12 noon PST/3 pm EST
WHY: To connect with any fire-breathing dragons who need some ENERGY breathed into them!! 🙂

P.S. #2. Here are the “TimeStamps” for today’s IMPACT Show episode #162

:50 – The Mindset of Growth
2:33 – Changes within FQ10 and TDE in the last three years. Meet Jeff Bristol.
9:30 – The calling to do something greater and deeper.
19:46 – The Pandemic Hits…Save the Gym, Save People.
32:47 – CHANGE – We are all under construction.
49:00 – What’s next for Fitness Quest 10 and the future of the fitness industry.
57:49 – TDE Global Headquarters, the “Roots” get a facelift!
60:02 – Final Words – Dreaming the “Impossible Dream.”

Listen NOW…

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