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Today is kind of a SAD day

Today is a “sad” day. Well, actually, it’s a “happy” day, but I’m struggling a bit.

My baby-girl McKenna turns “13” today. She’s a full-blown teenager. I’m literally shaking-my-head thinking, how did this all happen so darned quick. Man, gotta slow TIME down.

High-School Sports are BACK!!!

In addition to feeling HAPPY today, we are ALL elated in my household that high-school football games RESUME this Friday Night!

Yes, FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS is BACK in the state of CA (sorry, we were the 50th state out of 50 to resume sports activities), and we couldn’t be more pumped.

My sons Luke (Senior, QB), Brady (Soph, MLB), and all of their teammates have had a bounce in their step this week that I haven’t seen in close to a year. Kids need their sports & activities, and it’s SOOO GOOD to see not only football resuming but ALL sports.

I’m pumped to be coaching my 2-boys again at
Scripps Ranch HS (San Diego)

Once we can get the kids back in school, playing sports, and resuming ALL their activities, then we will be back in full swing. #LETSGOOOOOOOO

Speaking of LET THEM PLAY!

One of the reasons we can play this Friday is because of a lawsuit filed by two players (Nick Gardinera; Scripps Ranch HS and Cameron Woolsey; Mission Hills HS) against CA Governor Gavin Newsom & the state of CA. The two players ultimately won the lawsuit opening the floodgates for ALL kids to return to sports immediately.

With the assistance of “LET THEM PLAY CA,” Coach Marlon Gardinera, Coach Ron Gladnick, and Brad Hensley spearheaded the effort in conjunction with the players and over 60,000 parents to get ALL sports (not just football) back to action.

On a related note, I was a guest on a podcast a couple of days ago hosted by Coach Gardinera. It’s called “The Yard,” where sports & faith collide.

Check out the episode here!

Honored to be a guest on “The Yard” podcast hosted by Coach Marlon Gardinera earlier this week!

New Levels—Different Devils

If by chance, you missed Monday’s IMPACT SHOW podcast episode (Ep 166), please go back and listen to “Breaking The Cycle.” It got a record number of comments & feedback because of the conversation’s depth with Jenny Schatzle and what it was all about.

Jenny attended my 3.5 Day Mentorship in Oct 2012, and it was there at the Mentorship that she admitted to herself that she was an alcoholic. Despite being a busy trainer and budding entrepreneur, she was fooling herself and telling lies to everyone around her. It was then that she turned her life around.

I didn’t know her WHOLE story until recently and was amazed by all she has accomplished in the last 9-years since getting help.

“Breaking the Cycle” with Jenny Schatzle | Ep. 166

In this episode, Jenny and I talk about:

  • How she hit rock-bottom 4x and how she ultimately got up.
  • How she overcame her “Daddy issues” and what she does now as a Mom to model good parenting.
  • New levels – different devils.
  • Top lessons she’s learned on her path, including her routine now, to not feel overwhelmed.
  • Jenny’s goal to “impact” 1-million women in her lifetime.


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As always, thanks for reading, listening and watching what my team and I are putting out right now. I know it’s a lot, but I’m grateful we have such an amazing community of people to spread positivity, hope, optimism, inspiration, and IMPACT in a world that desperately needs it.

Much love… and lots of HAPPINESS!


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