5 Questions to Get Your Soul Singing!

I LOVE the mountains. They make my soul sing. I had the incredible opportunity to spend 4 days in gorgeous Whitefish, MT, last week for the culmination of my God-Sized Dreams program. This was a retreat for the people who completed the 90-day intensive program, and it was even more empowering and inspiring than I […]

002. “Build It Up”

Warm-up (3 mins) Station #1: Chase the Lion (2 rounds) KB Swings or Squat Jumps @20secs Band Splitters or Reverse DB Flys @20 secs Station #2: Rise Up! (3 rounds) Side-Lunge / Skater Plyos @ 30 secs Rows (DB or TRX) + Kickbacks @30 secs Station #3. Get Your Mind Right (4 rounds) Bicep Curls […]

12 Takeaways to Get Your Soul-Singing & Live Your God-Sized Dreams

Well, that’s a wrap from the God-Sized Dreams Retreat in Whitefish, MT. The program started back in October 2022 and was an intense 90 days of digging deep in ALL areas of life. It was my absolute pleasure to work with 12 people in this program and help them recognize, identify, get clarity, and GO […]

Stuck in the Snow

I was recently in Whitefish, MT, and got stuck in the snow. Literally. Not only did my car skid off the road once and get “stuck in the snow,” our return flight home was canceled, and we got stuck in Montana for an extra 5-days. I recorded this episode from Montana while it was about […]