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12 Takeaways to Get Your Soul-Singing & Live Your God-Sized Dreams

Well, that’s a wrap from the God-Sized Dreams Retreat in Whitefish, MT. The program started back in October 2022 and was an intense 90 days of digging deep in ALL areas of life. It was my absolute pleasure to work with 12 people in this program and help them recognize, identify, get clarity, and GO DEEPER on their own G.S.D.s.

One of the things that the past few years have taught me is how much I love empowering other people to live empowered lives by going after their BIG dreams. Big aspirations. And “BHAGs” (big hairy audacious goals). And the core principles and “pillars” in order to do that.

We’ve had a heckuva few days in Whitefish and as I reflect on the extraordinary experience, I can’t help but be so thankful for so many reasons. 

To help me put my thoughts on paper, here are 12 take aways from the God-Sized Dreams Retreat.

  1. NEVER stop dreaming. If you do, you will die. Your dreams keep you ALIVE.
  2. KEEP celebrating wins. If you don’t celebrate them, they will stop happening. 
  3. IMMERSE yourself in a world-class environment and watch how it ignites your spirit, thoughts, mindset….and ENERGY.
  4. GET MORE MELLOW-YELLOW and BLUE-SKY time. Have you ever regretted taking a vacation? Have you ever regretted taking 2, 3, or 4 days OFF to work on YOU? NOOO!!!!
  5. WHO not HOW. WHO you surround yourself with is everything. And if you don’t have enough “WHO’s” in your life, then find a group or community that you can immediately elevate your Circle-of-Genius. The power of the people in your life is EVERYTHING.
  6. You ARE enough. Too many people live with imposter syndrome. That’s the devil trying to fool you into NOT doing the things you should be doing. Kick that dude off your shoulder and have a “nice” little conversation with him or her. 
  7. PLAY more. Adventure is so good for the SOUL.
  8. Having your spouse WITH you is always extra special. Sometimes you get back from these retreats and it’s hard to put into words what happened or what you experienced when they weren’t there. It’s even more powerful when they are with you. I’m grateful Melanie was with me in Whitefish.
  9. Dreams do come true. But they take a lot of blood, sweat, and tears. You can’t just “dream it”…you also have to WORK for it and BE IT.
  10. GET YOUR MIND RIGHT. I believe in the power of visualization and manifesting your dreams. I understand that 90% of the time is a BATTLE to try and get the MIND RIGHT. That’s why it’s absolutely crucial that the other 10% is spent in building a fortress for your dome that allows you to keep battling and fighting and winning the war between your ears.
  11. WHY WAIT. I set my theme for the year of “WHY WAIT” back in December. And then when I was planning this Retreat, the Homestead property/project was not done yet. But then I thought to myself, “isn’t that like life…or a dream? It’s never really done…until it’s DONE…and then YOU’RE Done.” So guess where we ended up for this GSD Retreat. Yep! Whitefish, MT, and the Homestead. Do NOT wait until things are “perfect” to get started….just get started.
  12. Gratitude always WINS. Many times we never feel like we are far enough down the pike compared to where we want to be. It’s important to have a vision and a DREAM…but be hyper-vigilant about being and living in the NOW.


Tap into the whispers. God is always in control. Sometimes we feel like we are in control. Be careful because that’s when we are often reminded that there is a Higher Power that provides wisdom, guidance, strength, and Spirit far greater than we know. Tap in. Don’t rely on just your own flesh. That too will get weak. Amp up the Spirit and He will carry you further than you could imagine. 

Which of the 12 + 1 MOST speaks to YOU? Drop a comment below…or shoot me an email or DM!

It’s time to LIVE your God-Sized Dreams. Don’t Wait. It’s never too late. Today is your day to get going.

Todd Durkin is a world-class, high-performance life coach. He’s trained some of the top athletes in the world, coached some of the top leaders & executives, founded a top training facility, and is an overall IMPACT-maker. His “God-Sized Dreams Coaching Program” is a 90-day intensive coaching program for people from all industries and careers who are searching to go deeper into their own purpose and passions and desire to create more impact in the world. It has transformed dozens of lives since its inception a year ago and attracts people from around the globe who are searching for more meaning, connection, and community in their life and are ready to be coached to another level.

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