Get Your Mind Right – Q&A with Under Armour

Get it right, get it tight, and get your mind right! Today we are talking about Getting Your Mind Right with my friends from Under Armour. I’ve done a lot of work with UA over the past 14-years on physical training, performance training, combines, and now mental & mindset training. Yes, Under Armour has a […]

Lunch-Ticket Kid to IMPACT Man with Todd Durkin

Live a life worth telling a story about…what’s your story. I believe each & every one of us has a special story inside of us. Today, I’m actually sharing my story with you from an interview I did with Cody Smith, from his podcast, Men on the Rise. We recorded this podcast just two days […]

Get Your Mind Right | Q&A with TD

Wakey wakey, rise and shine…today’s episode is guaranteed to get the blood boiling for all the fire-breathing dragons and MindRight Maniacs out there who have piped in some awesome questions over the last couple of weeks.   This is a rapid-fire episode where I answer 10 great questions relating to all aspects of business, leadership, and […]

Doubt, Fear, Nutrition, & a Live Retreat

I want to give a huge shout-out to all the MindRight Maniacs battling like heck these days and winning the battle between the ears. Today, I’m answering a handful of your questions submitted to me through my Instagram or my website. Thank you for continuing to share with me how I can best help you. […]

TD Spittin’ FIRE—Get Your Mind Right!

Are you ready to receive a few minutes of pure ENERGIA and have some positivity infiltrate your veins? Do you need to stoke the fire within your soul and throw some igniter-fluid or kerosene on it? Well, today’s SPITTIN’ FIRE episode is going to do exactly that! This episode reminds you of WHO you are, […]

Ep. 67 Shownotes: Don’t Waste a Good Crisis

What was the greatest crisis of your life? When looking back and reflecting upon that crisis, there is always some good that comes from it. Even if there is hurt, struggle, pain, fear, trepidation, anxiety, or stress associated with it, you can never have a “good crisis” go to waste. In today’s episode, I share […]