5 Ways to Overcome Challenges, Beat Depression & Discover Happiness

Back by popular demand, I have my great friend Dr. Heidi Hanna back on the Show. You may remember Heidi from her very popular “Real Talk with Brain Expert Heidi Hanna,” (Ep. 80; May 2020), where she talks in-depth about stress, mental health, and anxiety, and what it takes to get through tough times. Well, […]

Anxiety, Sleep, Getting Unstuck and Your Worth | Laser Coaching with TD

I love getting questions from our listeners. Today, I’m answering 5 great questions that came in on multiple topics. This includes Productivity (I like to say GSD – Get Stuff Done), Anxiety, How to get your spark back, Parenting, Lack of sleep and focus, Your Worth (what is your ROI?), and How to get back […]