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5 Ways to Overcome Challenges, Beat Depression & Discover Happiness

Back by popular demand, I have my great friend Dr. Heidi Hanna back on the Show. You may remember Heidi from her very popular “Real Talk with Brain Expert Heidi Hanna,” (Ep. 80; May 2020), where she talks in-depth about stress, mental health, and anxiety, and what it takes to get through tough times.

Well, one year later, we revisit what Heidi has been through and she shares her battle with deep depression for ten months in the last year. She also shares how she ultimately pulled herself out of the dark hole and what she does to best operate and function today. 

In today’s Show, Heidi and I specifically talk about:

  • The honeymoon effect and the disaster recovery curve.
  • The Imposter syndrome, surviving each day of exhaustion and emotional waves of what life has to offer.
  • Ten months of deep depression and the game-changer that started the winning battle.
  • COVID…re-entry anxiety people are facing.
  • Five hack tips to win the battle of depression. 

Thank you, Dr. Heidi Hanna, for being a guest on the IMPACT Show!

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More on the episode:

:49 – Heidi shares what’s new since May 2020.
The Honeymoon Effect & Disaster Recovery Curve

5:25 – The Imposter Syndrome.
Being an expert on surviving the exhaustion and emotional waves of what life has to offer

7:04 – How to Overcome 10 Months of Depression.
The voices in my head we’re not me. The Battle of Survival. Self-care, going deep.

10:20 – The Game Changer – a handwritten note from my niece. 
Needing to recognize when you need help. How do I start to move my body. I made an agreement with my mom – accountability. 

13:48 –  Was there a moment that changed the way you felt?

  • I tried 25 things
  • Seeked professional help
  • Getting my hair done!! 
  • Decision to leave a relationship and Love Myself First!

20:08 – Check under the hood with a naturopathic doctor.
Don’t neglect the hormonal and blood work and do the deep work!
Julia Cameron – “The Artist Way” the aspirational path to a higher creativity

31:51 – Re-Entry Anxiety…Getting in control of your digital technology.

37:14 – Heidi’s 5 hack tips to win the battle.

  • Movement
  • Humor
  • Meditation
  • More play
  • 1 week per quarter me time

43:13  – We cannot control the waves but we can learn to surf!
How do we become more adaptable

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