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Anxiety, Sleep, Getting Unstuck and Your Worth | Laser Coaching with TD

I love getting questions from our listeners. Today, I’m answering 5 great questions that came in on multiple topics. This includes Productivity (I like to say GSD – Get Stuff Done), Anxiety, How to get your spark back, Parenting, Lack of sleep and focus, Your Worth (what is your ROI?), and How to get back on track.

This is a fast-moving, value-packed episode that is definitely going to motivate you. LIsten in and enjoy the episode. If you like laser coaching and have a question I can help with, please send me your question so that I can answer on a future Q&A episode. DM me on IG or send it through

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Shout out to these listeners whose questions got answered today:

Rich Smith, Sarah Jones, James Welton, Jeff Steinberg, and R Hooper for sending in your questions.

More on the episode:

:28 – Intro: 5 Great Questions from the audience we are talking about productivity, anxiety, predictions, and More.

2:04 – Creating Your Best Work – 3 Tips to Improve Productivity

7:55 – Feeling Anxious? How to Get Your Spark Back!

14:23 – What Are You “Worth?”

19:24 – Lack of Sleep and Time – How to do it All with Babies

23:14 – Help…SOS…How to Get Back on Track

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