Do you care too much what other people think?

I shared a quote the other day on social media that resonated with me when I read it. I then got a ton of positive comments as the quote apparently struck a chord with many. The quote reads… Let me ask you a question… Do you sometimes care “too much” what other people think? Be […]

Lunch-Ticket Kid to IMPACT Man with Todd Durkin

Live a life worth telling a story about…what’s your story. I believe each & every one of us has a special story inside of us. Today, I’m actually sharing my story with you from an interview I did with Cody Smith, from his podcast, Men on the Rise. We recorded this podcast just two days […]

The Hardest Exercise You Need To Do

Today’s episode is a unique one. For the first time ever while recording an episode, I am wearing a grey hoodie and talking about something uncomfortable for many of us…it’s the “hardest” exercise you will ever do. While many of you are thinking squats, burpees, kettlebell swings, or arm farm, this takes it to an […]