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Do you care too much what other people think?

I shared a quote the other day on social media that resonated with me when I read it. I then got a ton of positive comments as the quote apparently struck a chord with many.

The quote reads…

Let me ask you a question… Do you sometimes care “too much” what other people think?

Be honest with me. You probably do, don’t you? Me too!

While I have been guilty of sometimes caring TOO MUCH what other people think. I also know I’ve become more obedient to the “divine voice” and whispers in the last decade. And I have not made any “big” decisions based on what other people may think.

Answer this question…

“What’s a “voice” you are hearing right now on something in your business, relationship, health, or life, but you are AFRAID to listen to it because of what other people might think?”

Sometimes it’s something big.
Sometimes it’s small.

But whatever it is, it’s probably holding you back.

My simple encouragement to you is to “TAP INTO THE WHISPERS” and do what you are supposed to do. Be you. Don’t worry about everyone else’s opinion.

I promise you that you will be even more aligned with your passion and purpose when you do that. And that’s when the real magic happens, and deep joy & happiness is created.

Who’s in? #TapIntoTheWhispers

3 more things today…

1. I am SOOO pumped for my 1st Live, In-Person Mastermind Retreat this weekend!

This weekend is my first live, in-person event in the new T.D.E. Headquarters with the “Todd Durkin Mastermind Group.” We are having only 20-members attend as I’m keeping them smaller & more intimate for now.

WHY do I share? Because I’m waking up today with an extra bounce in my step, knowing we have an upcoming LIVE event. This is what makes my heart & soul truly sing. Live connecting, networking, working on your business, strategizing, and getting big “mountain-top” ideas from some of the most passionate fire-breathing dragons on the planet.

I’m going to do be doing 1-Live event per month for the next few months, so I’m getting juiced up.

As a matter of fact, I’m considering adding 1-more live event this summer for anyone ready to have some life breathed into them.

Here is my question for you:
Would you be interested in attending a “live, in-person” event in July if it was a max of 20-people held here at my new HQ?

This would be a personal & professional growth workshop and would NOT be just for fit-pros. It would be for anyone who would like a 2-3 day retreat LIVE in San Diego. We would train, work on all aspects of business & life, get UNSTUCK… and GET REJUVENATED.

If you are interested, drop me an email at and put “TD, I need a Retreat” in the subject line and let me know what’s going on and how I can best serve you.

2. Could you imagine having 2 heart surgeries while just in your 20’s? Check out today’s IMPACT SHOW podcast!!

You gotta listen to this amazing story of Jeremy Woodward. Jeremy is the author of the new book “Heart Failure to Victory,” an inspiring story of persevering through severe congestive heart failure and two major open-heart surgeries while just in his 20’s, the second with less than 1% chance of survival.

I caught up with Jeremy for the IMPACT SHOW podcast today, and we talk about:

  • Having two major heart surgeries at the age of 22 and 29.
  • The mindset of a heart failure survivor.
  • The promise he made to himself the night before his second surgery.
  • His darkest days and how martial arts helped him through them.
  • His greatest victory thus far in his life.
  • The impact Jeremy is creating in his community.

3. Do you know any graduating high-school seniors who are bound for college & are deserving of some additional funding?

If so, it’s time to award some IMPACT SCHOLARSHIPS…but I would LOVE more applicants!

Even in a year with the pandemic, I am committed to providing scholarships to deserving young men & women who have had outstanding HS careers and have big dreams to create IMPACT in the world.

These IMPACT scholarships (up to $1,500 each) will be awarded to graduating high school students NATION-WIDE (the U.S. only) based on academic merit, athletic prowess, character, and community involvement.

Apply TODAY…do NOT DELAY! [Application deadline is in 5-days; May 15th, 2021]

APPLY TODAY to the Durkin IMPACT Foundation SCHOLARSHIPS!!! (Deadline to Apply: May 15th)

Create an incredible week. There’s a lot of ENERGY & VITALITY kicking up out here in San Diego. If you are still in “lockdown mode,” I encourage you to follow my social media. Feed off the energy that will be created over the next 7-days at our Retreat happening this weekend.

And if you are starting to feel and see the same LIGHT that I’m seeing and feeling, let’s be sure to spread the light and radiate it out into our communities. We all need more “Lighthouses” shining brightly these days.

Keep shining, and remember to listen to that inner voice and don’t worry about what everyone thinks. Be you. Do YOU!

Much love…and lots of IMPACT,


ATTN: Graduating HS Seniors from around the U.S.  If you would like to win one of our Durkin IMPACT Scholarships, this is the LAST WEEK to apply for the funding.

Even in this crazy, wacky year, we are committed to providing scholarships to deserving young men & women who have demonstrated excellent academic merit, athletic prowess, high character & integrity, & positive community involvement. We call them future IMPACT-MAKERS!

Scholarships will range from $500 to $1,500 for each winner. We will be awarding over $10,000 total this year to students from around the country, so please apply.

Deadline to apply is May 15th (this Saturday) and winners will be announced on June 1st.

Applications can be found on the homepage of

Please “SHARE” this post on ur FB so we can get as many people as possible to APPLY!! Thank you in advance…

#DurkinIMPACTFoundation #501c3 #IMPACTScholarships #IMPACT #AllDayEveryDay

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