Meet the 4 Doctors of Healthy Living

Who loves the idea of feeling even more positive, energized, vibrant, and healthy? Who loves the idea of NOT having the need to go see the doctor for a long time? Who likes getting kisses on your leg from an 11-lb terrier-chihuahua mutt while recording a podcast? Yep, all of this and more on today’s […]

Ep. 73 Shownotes: 5 Things You May Not Know About Me

Get ready to laugh and smile today as I share 5 things you probably don’t know about me. This podcast episode was inspired by my wife Melanie while on a date night. Check this out… All of a sudden my phone dings and I smile while reading this quote “Happiness is not determined by what’s […]

5 Ways to Lower Stress & Anxiety | IMPACT Q&A

For today’s episode, I am answering 2 great questions that I believe are going to help you be better. Both questions deal with health, fitness, and “getting your mind right.” The first question comes from a fellow MindRight Maniac who is dealing with some added anxiety and pressure after accepting a big job promotion in […]