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5 Ways to Lower Stress & Anxiety | IMPACT Q&A

For today’s episode, I am answering 2 great questions that I believe are going to help you be better. Both questions deal with health, fitness, and “getting your mind right.” The first question comes from a fellow MindRight Maniac who is dealing with some added anxiety and pressure after accepting a big job promotion in his career. I offer him 5 specific strategies, techniques, and tools to handle his additional stress.

The second question comes from Fitness Quest 10 standout member and 70-year old fire-breathing dragon Bernie Rhinerson. Bernie asks what else you can do beyond age 70 to be sure to age healthy and strong. Man, I love that tenacious spirit and attitude to keep getting better. Wait until you hear what I have to say on this one!

The bottom line is this…everything I talk about on this episode is applicable for anybody, at any age, and I know will get you better. If you have the desire to be stronger, healthier, fitter, and want to truly “GET YOUR MIND RIGHT,” be sure to listen to this episode.

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More on this episode:

Todd, do you have any stress management-related resources you’d suggest? It’s been a great year at my company and I just received a significant promotion just 9 months into the gig. But the stress, anxiety, and pressure is getting to me and want to manage it better in 2020. What would be your best suggestions?

Q&A#1from Clay Manley.
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4:02- Have You Seen A Naturopathic Doctor?

5:42- Power of Breathwork & Meditation
5 minutes a day can change your day.

6:40- Not Your Normal TD Advice… But this might Helpful!
Have you used CBD oil…?

7:59- What Is Your Morning And Evening Routine?
How you start your day is everything. 

9:25- The 3,2,1 evening routine method…

10:44- The HABITS That You Create Are Imperative

11:14- The Power Of Saying “No”

11:44- Managing Your Expectations

12:31- What’s The ROOT CAUSE Of Your Stress?
Overwhelm? Unused potential?

13:25- What’s The Story You’re Telling Yourself?
Are you trying to survive or thrive?

14:39- Control The Controllables
Be where your feet are at.

I’ll be 70 next year and wondering what are the most important things I can do to age healthy and strong?

Bernie Rhinerson; IG @berniepr

17:45- Lift Weights to stay strong
I want you STRONG!

19:19- Work Your HEART
Cardiovascular work.

19:40- Be sure your Eating Habits are dialed-in

20:23- Recovery!
Stretch more.

20:40- How’s Your SLEEP?
Take more naps.

20:55- Work Your BRAIN!
Engage it. 

21:39- Do You Have A POSITIVE Mindset?

22:28- What’s Your Purpose?
Live with more passion.

24:13- Final Reflection: How Old Would You Be If…

THANK YOU Clay Manley & Bernie Rhinerson for sending in your question! 

We LOVE answering your questions on the IMPACT Show & would love to highlight you. 

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