How to be an Instrument of Peace with Jill Rooks

You have heard me say “Live a Life Worth Telling a Story About” a thousand times. My special guest today, Jill Rooks, lives a life that spreads kindness, wisdom, and light in a world that so desperately needs it today. I met Jill way back in 2006 at an IDEA conference in Anaheim, CA, and […]

Big Decisions – Dose of Durkin

There are specific times in your life when you reflect on where and when you made a BIG decision and how it specifically affected and altered your life. Let me explain…In the summer of 1997, I met a man named Michael King in Bay Head, NJ. Specifically, he was renting a house on 1 Mount […]

“48” Traits Of A Champion

My friends, it’s a BIG week. It’s SUPER BOWL week. And the SUPER BOWL crowns a world-champion. I love that word “CHAMPION.” In some way, shape, or form, we all want to be a champion, don’t we? Whether it be in sports, or in life, we all strive to fill our potential and be our […]


In this video Todd Durkin calls out to the other trainers around the nation to come together to help support those affected by Hurricane Sandy.