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Big Decisions – Dose of Durkin

There are specific times in your life when you reflect on where and when you made a BIG decision and how it specifically affected and altered your life.

Let me explain…In the summer of 1997, I met a man named Michael King in Bay Head, NJ. Specifically, he was renting a house on 1 Mount Street, which is a beautiful mansion on the beach. And I became his trainer & bodyworker as he was having some back issues and wanted to lose weight and get back in shape.

What I didn’t know at the time was that Michael and his brother Roger King were famous Hollywood television producers. At the time, King World Productions produced Oprah Winfrey, Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy, and American Journal, among others.

I remember Michael telling me that he and his brother Roger would literally go door-to-door in New York City trying to sell Oprah when no one believed in her. Imagine that!!!

Anyway, in today’s Dose of Durkin, I want to take you back to 1 Mount Street in beautiful Bay Head, NJ, and share a “special spot” in my heart where my life changed.

If you are making a “big” decision today, put your thoughts down on paper. Write out all the pros and cons. Take quiet time to listen to what your gut has to say about it. And then make a decision. Even if it scares you!

For me, I was willing to take the risk in my life to move 3,000 miles away and TRY something that I had no idea if I would be successful at or not. Heck, at that point in my life, I had just completed my football career and did not have a ton of training or massage therapy experience yet. But I wanted to try something new and take a risk.
My thought-process was “I can always come back if I don’t like it.”

You don’t ever have to change just to change. But also know that change is inevitable. It’s part of life. It’s part of growth. And it’s part of you finding your ultimate destiny.

Create an incredible day. And thanks for being part of my journey. Because for me personally, my journey would have been far different had I made the decision not to try something new in my life. And for that, I’m grateful today!

Much love…and great STRENGTH on your “big” decisions.


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