My Complete Routine for Healing after Knee Surgery

Healing is a beautiful thing. After my recent knee surgery to clean up bone spurs and scar tissue in my left knee, I was dialed-into healing at the deepest level. Based on your questions and feedback (I listen to all of them), I have decided to provide you with my complete healing & recovery protocol […]

Ep.74 Shownotes: Lead, Follow or Get Out of The Way with Ryan Hawk

In good times and bad, leaders must lead. In the toughest and most challenging times, the best leaders rise up and charge forward. You are in for a treat today as we are talking about leadership with Ryan Hawk. Ryan is an author, speaker, and host of The Learning Leader Show.  A lifelong student of […]

TD’s 10 Essential Supplements to Maximize Results

TD Flexing With Supplements

WARNING: Supplements are just that — supplements. When your nutrition is dialed in and your workouts are on point, supplements can be great additions to your routine to maximize performance. That said, they should NOT replace excellent eating habits and calorie-crushing workouts. TD’s Top 10 Essential Supplements Here are my Top 10 Essential Supplements to […]