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Ep.74 Shownotes: Lead, Follow or Get Out of The Way with Ryan Hawk

In good times and bad, leaders must lead. In the toughest and most challenging times, the best leaders rise up and charge forward. You are in for a treat today as we are talking about leadership with Ryan Hawk. Ryan is an author, speaker, and host of The Learning Leader Show. 

A lifelong student of leadership, Ryan Hawk rose to roles as a professional quarterback and VP of Sales at a multibillion-dollar company. Currently, as head of Brixey & Meyer’s leadership advisory practice, Ryan speaks regularly at Fortune 500 companies, works with teams and players in the NFL, NBA, and NCAA, and facilitates “Leadership Circles” that offers structured guidance and collaborative feedback to new experienced leaders. 

My friends, if you are a parent, CEO, manager, teacher, coach, employee, leader, or entrepreneur, you will love the insight that Ryan shares on how to attract, hire, keep, lead, and grow people to be the best that they can possibly be. He also shares how being a backup to Ben Roethlisberger in college was one of the things that initially helped form his “leadership” acumen. There are a lot of great lessons shared in this episode that will inspire you to do the things you need to do every day to be a better leader, regardless of your title or role, even during tough times.

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3:51 Introduction to Ryan Hawk

5:20 Transition from Athlete to Leading Leaders

7:21 Lessons learned from being a backup QB on Leadership

13:02 Don’t be afraid to compete or lose!

15:40 Backups make great leaders

16:50 Ryan defines leadership now in his role

18:51 Building a winning team!

23:15 Your presence is required! Show up and be with your team/people!

28:57 Manager vs Leader, is there a difference?

33:24 Ryan talks Hiring and Firing; which of the two is more important?

37:52 The High Performer Paradox

43:10 Leading Yourself on a Higher Level

Thank you, Ryan Hawk, for being a guest on the IMPACT Show!
He can be contacted on IG & FB: @ryanhawk12 or website at and his podcast: The Learning Leader Show

Check out Ryan’s new book called, Welcome to Management: How to Grow From Top Performer to Excellent Leader.

To subscribe to Ryan’s community, text “learners” to 44222.

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