Mastermind Member In The Spotlight: Mike Ibasco

Mike Ibasco is a five-year Todd Durkin Mastermind Platinum member and standout teammate.  He is the owner/operator of The Fitness Source, seven years and running, the premier personal training, weight loss, sports performance and triathlon studio in Las Vegas, NV. Mike leads a TEAM of 5 fitness professionals in a total body wellness approach to […]

Weight-Loss Ain’t Easy

Weight-Loss AIN’T Easy By Todd Durkin, MA, CSCS Weight-loss is one of the most common goals of clients and members at Fitness Quest 10. I know, I know. You want to improve your strength. And fitness. And health. But many people are also trying to lose an extra 5-10 pounds. Or 20. Or 50. Or […]

The Sentence That Changed My Life

The Sentence That Changed my Life By Janet Bertrand ACE If there is one thing I have learned over the last 10 years, it’s that when an opportunity presents itself in your life, you have to step up and act on it. Every opportunity has a shelf life, and if you wait, it will pass […]

Todd Durkin Announces “Big News”; FITBLOK to Change the Fitness World

I have some big news to announce. I have been working hard on a revolutionary training idea that I believe will change the face of fitness. Literally. With the thousands of people I have trained in my career, I often hear the same excuses that rob people of being healthy, fit, and strong: “My workout […]

Avoid the “Diet Mentality” and Lose Weight Now!

By: Craig Valency The weekend is upon you and temptation is all around. Parties, barbecues, restaurants, wine and beer are all calling your name. With Thanksgiving and Christmas around the corner you brace for the carb onslaught. This is when you are really tested; you have to balance your reluctance to undo all the hard […]

Adults and Fat Loss Do this, not That

Brett Klika C.S.C.S. It has helped us humans stay alive during hard times for thousands of years, but now we have too much of it and it’s hard to get rid of.  I’m talking about the extra “meat” around the middle, the “baggage” on the butt, and the “thunder” on the thighs.  The battle to […]

The Power Of One

I was about 15 years old the first time I felt overweight. It seemed to sort have snuck up on me, all of a sudden my body had changed and I was horrified. I remember trying on a pair of pants and feeling frantic because I was supposed to go to a church event and […]

Taste The Healthy Lifestyle… Real Food For Real Kids

  Are your kids “coocoo for Cocoa Puffs?”  Does there breakfast come in the form of pink moons, yellow stars, and orange clovers?  Are they receiving morning nutrition information from a rabbit?  Silly parent!  Trix are for kids!  Unfortunately now, so is obesity, heart disease, and diabetes.  Foods and drinks high in sugar are at […]

Create Your Successful Mindset

Justin Russ, CPT I was having a conversation with one of the Fitness Quest 10 athletes the other day and one part in particular stood out to me. He looked me and my colleagues in the eyes and said, “This is why I train the way I do. This is why I become a demon […]