Weekly Workouts

Weekly Workouts

019. Legs Feed The Wolf [Dose of Durkin]

“If you go DEEPER in your FAITH, you will BUILD a Higher Cathedral.”


“Legs Feed The Wolf”

Station 1: 

  1. DB or KB Squats x 8
  2. DB Single-Arm Rows x 8/8



Station 2:

  1. DB Lunge with reach to ground x 5-8 p/leg
  2. DB Bicep Curl to Shoulder Press x 5-8



Station 3:

  1. DB or KB Single-Leg RDL (Romanian Deadlifts)  x 5-8 p/leg
  2. Tricep Pressdowns   x 15



GRAND FINALE: “U Call It” Conditioning x 5-minutes

(Jump Rope; Sprints; Boxing; Battling Ropes; Burpees; etc.)


  • Journal for 5-minutes every morning for the next 7-days. Here are 5 prompts for you if you would like some guidance. …

“I am grateful for…

“My morning prayers and intentions are…

“Here are my 3-goals for the day…

“Here is how I will maximize IMPACT today…

“I AM…

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