Weekly Workouts

Weekly Workouts

030. Descending Bridges [Dose Of Durkin]

“There’s always time for pain…there’s always time for healing.

There’s always time for sorrow…there’s always time for joy.

There’s always time for hurt…there’s always time for health.

There’s always time for demons…there’s always time for dreams.

There’s always time for change…there’s always time for IMPACT!”

~Todd Durkin




IMPACT WORKOUT—“Descending Bridges”


Circuit 1:

  • Side-Lunges (both sides) x 40-secs
  • Core-Rotations (cords or bands) x 40-secs


Circuit 2:

  • Bench Press x 30-secs
  • Lat Pulls or DB Rows x 30-secs


Circuit 3:

  • Squat (jumps) or Alt. Lunge Hops x 20-secs
  • Pushups or Dips x 20-secs

Complete 3-supersets within each circuit; if you have a training partner, both partners complete one exercise and then move to the next exercise in the circuit. See-saw back & forth so that you get 1:1 work/rest and complete 3-full sets. 1-minute between each circuit.


** If you would like more volume or are teaching a class with this format, you can make each station “5” minutes with 60-seconds between each circuit. 


Soul Fuel: 

Father God, thank you for getting me through the pain, the sorrow, the hardships, the tough times, and the time when the mind was NOT right. I thank you for giving me the strength to persevere, fight, listen, tap-in, be obedient, and to overcome the dark times. Thank you for being there with me through it all and allowing me to see how the darkness will lead to the Light. Please stay with me through this time as we prepare to amplify Light and magnify Impact. Thank You. Amen. 

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