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“10 Forms of Wealth”– a Deep Interview with My Man Larry Indiviglia

Larry Indiviglia, one of my best friends, is with me in my new digs at the TDE Headquarters, and we are going deep into one of my best practices, “The 10 Forms of Wealth.”  It is one of my favorite coaching tools that I use with my Mastermind, IMPACT Coaching groups, and an exercise that I do religiously every month myself.  

In today’s episode, not only do I cover each of the “10 Forms of Wealth,” I discuss topics such as…

  • Energy shifts in life.
  • The importance of advisors in your life and why everyone needs a “B.A.I.L.” team.
  • Why “adventure” is so important in life and how I must build it into my schedule.
  • The most challenging thing as a Dad & as a husband.
  • How to best fortify your spiritual & physical conditioning, and get back into a solid routine.

Here are the “10 Forms of Wealth” discussed in today’s episode… 









#9 LOVE  


To download your “10 Forms of Wealth” text “10forms” to 56977!

I challenge you to answer the questions that I pose in every category. Think about your answers and remember “wealth” is not about money but it’s a state of harmony that you create in your life. Go DEEP and put pen to paper. The bottom line is that you DO IT!

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2:27 – Do you think people, in general, have spent more time during the last 13 months of COVID connecting with their “spiritual” side” (individually at home) because churches and houses of worship have been closed or restricted?

7:12 – What are the three most important things that a person “should” do to get back “into a consistent program” if they have let their physical conditioning drop off during the last 13 months of covid?  

11:22 –  What are your thoughts on this connection Todd and do you do anything in particular to improve your brain health?
There seems to be more and more attention to the connection between (1) “gut” health and the health of one’s brain and (2) the ability to use certain “biohacks,” e.g., like meditation, journaling, and infrared sauna/flotation tank therapy to improve brain function. 

16:38 – Todd, you have the ability and flexibility to work with “selected” clients at this juncture of your training career; What are some of the criteria you use today that will determine if you work with a “new” client who is interested in training with you? 

19:20  – How many financial advisors do you have Todd, and what do you use them for?
“real estate”  “investments”  “insurance” etc.. 

25:40 – What area of being a husband do you find the most challenging now at the 20-year mark of your marriage? What area of being a DAD do you find most challenging now as your kids move on in life, high school, and now college? AND what about the connection with your elderly Mom and your seven siblings? 

30:40  – How “big” should one’s circle of genius be? Is there an “optimal” number, and what do you find yourself connecting with these people on? Is it all work, is it about kids, is it about faith?  

33:18  – How have you created and pursued adventure in your life during these last challenging 13 months with covid? Do you define adventure in a certain way, what (3) things bring “adventure” into your life? e.g. the mountains? 

36:33 – We have heard the phrase:  “the greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to LOVE and BE LOVED in return.”  Simple yet deep. Do you find “knowing” you LOVE LANGUAGE and Melanie’s LOVE LANGUAGE has helped your LOVE relationship?

40:26  – Todd sometimes you hear the term “ENERGY SHIFT” … How does one best “shift” their energy so he/she can create  greater levels of “fulfillment” in life? IS it a conscious shift? Is it unconscious? Is it “event” driven – based on an experience that can change your life?  

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