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10 Lessons in 20 Years of Marriage with Melanie Durkin

My wife Melanie and I are celebrating 20-years of marriage this week (Feb 17th). WOW. I can’t believe it’s already been 20-years. Little did I think when I was checking out the attractive step-aerobics instructor in the late ’90s when I was in graduate school, that she would eventually become my wife. 

Today, Melanie is my special guest on the IMPACT Show as we share our Top 10 lessons from 20-years of marriage. I asked Melanie to pick her Top 5 lessons and I have my Top 5 lessons. The best part is that we did NOT reveal our lessons to each other before the Show.

After 20-years of marriage and having 3-kids, I can say we are now more in sync and in-love with each other than ever. But it hasn’t always been that way and we even share some of our more challenging times as well in today’s episode. Furthermore, we share what got us through the tough times when we haven’t been on the same page.

Enjoy this fun episode as it’s always good to have my better half on the Show revealing all my bad habits and secrets. I believe today’s episode will help you laugh, learn, and love today more than normal…and it will put a huge smile on your face.

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More on the episode:

2:00 – Our Journey and The Dates That Matter 
January 1997 Day 1 of my new job at SDSU when I met Melanie. 
October 4th, 1997–our first date. 
December 1997 trip back to Jersey to meet Todd’s family. 
February 17, 2001, the wedding day. 

8:50 – Melanie shares her 1st lesson #1 DON’T QUIT.
We are in it until the end!

10:02 – Todd shares his 1st lesson #2 His best communication happens when driving and working out.
Who has the better sense of direction?
How he almost ends up in Arizona on one of his drives.

11:29 – Lesson #3 from Melanie. Be in Sync, Spiritually, Socially, and Emotionally.

13:55 – Lesson #4 from Todd: The 5 Love Languages 
Melanie’s love language is time. Todd’s love language is Affirmation and Touch.
(Read the book by Gary Chapman called “The 5 Love Languages.”

17:08- Lesson #5 from Melanie: Take Care of Myself So I Can Take Care of Others.
Working out. Eating clean. In sync with healthy habits.

18:29 – Lesson #6 from Todd: Understanding What Makes Melanie Happy.
Time in the kitchen. Clean home. Time with the kids. Yoga.

21:22 – Lesson #7 from Melanie: The Golden Rule – DON’T KEEP SCORE.
Great advice from Father Ben.

23:59 – Lesson #8 from Todd: Happy Wife…Happy Life!
Say yes more, “Yes Dear, Yes Dear, Yes Dear.”

26:35 – Lesson #9 from Melanie: Drop It and Move On. How to NOT go to bed angry.
Unwavering support, and we compliment each other.

31:00 – Lesson #10 from Todd: Faith is the Glue that Holds us Together.
Tough Times. Happy times. Being a parent. Being a spouse.
Proverbs 22:6 Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he won’t depart from that.

35:11  – Final words and favorite memories in the past 20 years.

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