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10 Most Common Fitness & Excersise Myths

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There are numerous myths about fitness, exercise and workouts. It is a strange fact that people, who are exercising for long, possess lots of knowledge about exercise but many of them are just misconceptions.

As an instance, many workout performers think, they would not be able to gain a firm body without painful exercise sessions, which has no relevance with reality.

Nevertheless, awareness towards a healthy and toned physique has faded numerous fitness myths but still there are hundreds. Here is a check on 10 most common myths of fitness, exercise and workouts:

Myth 1: One needs a good exercise to get ‘lower abs’

Nothing else exists like the lower abs. There is an only long muscle that is called rectos abdominal.

If you are looking forward for  six pack abs, you must concentrate in the direction of working out for four muscles, which are respectively, the rectos abdominal, internal oblique, external oblique and transverse abdominal.

Many people do crunches to get  six-pack abs and you too are thinking about it; prior to performing them make it sure that you will be melting your body-fat into lean muscles. This is going to assist you a lot in your endeavor of attaining a toned body.

Myth 2:  If the body is not aching then the workout is not enough

This is one among the funniest fitness myths. A painful workout session is not going to get you a firm physique; it leads you towards many muscle related ailments. When a workout is performed with right movements, it does not cause any soreness in body.

In accordance with a fact, 35-40 minutes long workout session a day is adequate for a healthy adult. An overdose of exercise causes tiny tears in muscles.

Myth 3: If a woman is looking for muscle-bound, she must lift weights

This one is for fairer sex; the myth advocates weight-lifting, as it helps everybody in getting firm muscles but in accord with science, women do not have testosterone hormone, which is supposed to be the key element in building of muscle-bound.

Weight-lifting helps women in building muscles, which improves their femininity.

Myth 4: If you can’t workout harder, then better not do it

You are always told about this but don’t worry, it is just a myth. You do not need to spend hours in gym.

Almost every fitness expert suggests to spend just 120-225 minutes for cardio exercises in an entire week, which can be divided in 4 to 5 sessions a week and almost 60 to 70 minutes for weight training, this can be divided into 2-3 sessions a week.

Myth 5: Vigorous exercises help in ‘padding out’

Maximum people go for vigorous exercises, as they think this is most effective in gaining muscle or bulking up. These power exercises are not actually for muscle building instead they are important for a healthy and strong body.

Myth 6: More protein means bigger muscles

It is a common misconception among people that the more they take in protein, the bigger muscle they will get.

However, this has no relevance with reality. The fact says that too much of protein consumption may cause a nutrient imbalance, which can lead to kidney strain and dehydration.

Another research done on protein consumption makes it clear that an overdose of much protein results in stored calories. Nonetheless, calories are essential for a healthy body but must be taken in the right amounts.

Myth 7: Machines are always better than Dumbbells and Barbells

In the present scenario, almost everybody is opting for machine-based workout sessions instead of the usual way of barbells and dumbbells. Though machines are very advanced and lets you workout in a comfortable manner, free weights (barbells and dumbbells) are most important for strength training.

Free weight exercises bring lots of advantages for you, as it helps you in burning more calories in comparison of workout-machines and also allow you to perform exercises that train numerous large muscle groups at a time.

It means you are able to burn calories in every set of exercise, which regulates a fast and better result.

As an example, when you perform an exercise with the help of barbells and dumbbells, you can squat train your calves, abs, lower back and hamstring; but while practicing on treadmill, you would be able to perform only leg extension exercise that targets only the quadriceps.

Free weights (barbell and dumbbell) exercises also help in increasing your body balance and bone density. These exercises are supposed to be the best exercises, as they have a long term impact.

In accordance with studies, these exercises always maintain balance and make one stronger, which is important in older ages, as these exercises diminish the risk of old age falls and enhance bone density thus preventing elderly diseases such as osteoporosis [preventing osteoporosis]

Myth 8: One must lose weight by dieting before starting weight-lifting

This is one of the most worked out myths. Many people believe that they must lose their weight before starting the practice of weight-lifting.

This myth generally exists among women. Often women possess a tendency to aim for quick results from weigh-lifting or diet programs and when they do not see any major difference on the scale, they immediately become discouraged.

Such exercises and diet sessions cut the body fat first and then assist in shaping the body but females try to diet more to get the perfect shape as soon as possible, which is not good for the health.

Studies suggest that a combination of aerobics, strength training and moderate dieting is best for a toned body. Compared to serious starvation that leads to death causing ailments such as anorexia nervosa, this approach is the healthier one.

Myth 9: One should avoid dinner after 8PM

How can it work for those, who are active till late? For people who exert more energy, they require more nutrition. It is very important for them to eat accordingly.

They must follow a healthier diet plan for dinner, as this will help them in consuming the much needed nutrients. Nevertheless, dinner should be taken almost two hours before you are going to sleep, as it helps in healthy digestion.

Myth 10: Supplements are a must to attain a good body figure

Well, supplements are just supplements. In fact, they were named such because they were just designed to add-up or supplement the basic needs of the body, especially at times when there seems to be little or less intake of good nutrients.

However, it must be made known that these substances aren’t the exact answer towards getting fit. They are definitely not your ultimate fitness wonder drugs. If you have enough intake of the necessary nutrients like Omega-3 and proteins, then you don’t need to pour more supplements to your daily intake. The right balance of nutrients that is within the set daily recommended values is most appropriate.

By now, I believe you have become more informed about the most common fitness myths circulating around you. Continue to be wiser in your fitness strategy. Don’t just believe in what other people say. Know the theory behind the commonly used fitness regimen. Above all else, stay healthy!

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