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10 Q&A’s with TD

We are going to have some fun today! I have 10 great questions from my launch team for my new book Get Your Mind Right! We are talking business, leadership, life, 10 words I guarantee that will help Get Your Mind Right… And Then Some! I’m fired up and have been counting down the days till the release of the book on Tuesday, June 2nd! I want to give a huge shout out to my launch team (over 400 fire breathing dragons) for all their support and for all the questions they have sent in. So get ready to have some life breathed into you today and get a behind the scenes look of how I wrote Get Your Mind Right

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More on the episode:

:20 – Welcome to the Show! 
5 Days away from the release of my new book “Get Your Mind Right”
Today we are talkin Q&A on Business, Life and Leadership!

:50  – 10 words guaranteed to Get Your Mind Right!
It is a necessity to keep fighting!  

3:00 – The one thing that will make you laugh, smile, and even shed some tears…
What Josef Serfaty had to say about Get Your Mind Right here is just a bit of it: Get Your Mind Right will make you laugh, smile, and even shed some tears but, ultimately, it will impact you in ways you’d never believe, as it has with me, and help you listen to the whispers of your heart. Time to put on the grey hoodie and be a fire-breathing dragon.

5:31 – What was the catalyst to you starting a book dealing with ‘mind over matter’?  
Deep question… If we have a negative narrative in our head we need to change it to a positive! Thank you, Erin Glinn.

6:29 – Was the final product the book you originally envisioned writing? Or were you led down a different path as the book progressed? 
Todd shares that it was not what he originally envisioned. Thank you, Esta McIntyre.

9:20 – What do you do when it’s people close to you that are bringing you down? Have you ever felt even close family or friends wanted you to fail? Do you ever let the 1-2 negative comments overpower your 100 positive comments?
Alex Dougherty Patterson shares Todd has mentioned multiple times to get rid of the stinking thinking and to surround yourself with positive people. I have personally had a close friend make a rude comment on my “progress” about my weight loss (18lbs since January ????) and my parents putting down my Dave Ramsey process.
Todd shares – If it’s going to be it’s up to me! Thank you Alex Daugherty Patterson for your openness!

14:42 – Where did GYMR originate? What was that trigger in your life that made GYMR come to fruition?  
Thank you, Lori Liegl Sawyer, for your question.

16:18 – Were you always good at writing and had the desire to write books? What was the first significant thing you remember putting down on paper or the first great story you ever told? 
Great questions from Tasha Schaded and Cory Barella, thank you!

20:56 – If you were to go back to the writing process and add a Key #11, what would it be called? What would it be about? Why would you decide to add it to the book?  
Todd shares 2 thoughts – When Life Throws You a Curveball and When Your Mind Ain’t Right!  Thank you, Mika Garr.

22:00 – While writing did you ever encounter writer’s block, and if so, what did you do to breakthrough? 
Step away, get out, and clear the head. Know when your peak productivity time is and honor it!  Thank you, Gino Mingo.

23:06 – Considering what we are going through now, what part of the book speaks to you the most about getting through this crisis? 
Two things…Tapping Into Your Whispers and Live a Life Worth Telling a Story About. Thank you, Fitness Quest 10 Trainer Craig Valency.

25:00 – If you could have anyone read your book who would it be and why?  Wow great question… Todd shares Donald Trump and The Rock -Dwayne Johnson. Thank you, Janelle Veteri.

26:33 – When writing the book, who did you have in your mind’s eye that it would benefit the most?  
Athletes but then it turned out that it was for anyone!! Thank you, Ian Rushbury.

31:08 – Insight from Teresa Darby…
The book immediately grabbed me because on June 4th I will have total knee replacement, right knee also. I have been passionate about working out for about 15 years and now I am pretty scared about losing a lot physically. I am 68 and have MS and scared of becoming sedentary. But what really spoke to me was the part about the tremendous gift of a time out from every day. I am already journaling but will do more. My fear is because God’s plan for me more than likely is not what I want it to be. I started a very small personal training business this year and I sincerely love helping others with positivity and confidence. They are amazed at what they can do if they believe and work. So even with the obstacles coming up, I have to GYMR. 

Thank you to everyone who is on my book launch team and all the great reviews and questions coming in! For more information on the book, how to buy and take advantage of all the great bonuses and bundles go to


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