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Change or Die – The Biggest Changes of My Fitness Career

Change. It’s inevitable. You have heard it before…

“Change or die.”

“You choose change or change will choose you.”

Whichever one MOST resonates with you, one thing is constant. CHANGE.

When I reflect upon 2018, there were some things where CHANGE CHOSE ME. For example, my knee replacement surgery. While I ultimately had to “choose” surgery, it really chose me. I needed it. And it’s without question what I’m MOST grateful for in 2018.

I also CHOSE to make a few other changes. Some big. Some small.

The biggest professional change I chose was a direct result of the gift of my surgery. While sitting in my Lazy-Boy chair for a good 4+ weeks and contemplating my next steps (literally :)), I decided it was time to execute what would be the greatest organizational shifts & changes I’ve ever made in my career. I’ve contemplated them for a while but had not pulled the trigger.

The deeper I worked on my 2019 strategy (Annual Roadmap & Strategic Plan) and the more I realized my even deeper desire and vision to create more IMPACT in 2019, the more I knew I needed to make some big changes.

But they were scary. And it involved a lot of shifting and a lot of change. And the changes would involve a lot of people.

And I kept tapping deep into my whispers and listening to what they were telling me…

I kept hearing 2 things:

  1. “You must give up GOOD to get to GREAT!!!”
  2. “Success traps are HARDER to get out of than failure traps.”

I decided right there and then that there is NEVER a time like now. WHY WAIT?

And I just made the biggest and most important organizational decisions and changes of my entire professional life.

In the quest for ongoing IMPACT and excellence, here are 4 big changes I announced to my team last week and now to YOU today…

Julie Wilcox Named Director of Global Development, Todd Durkin Enterprises
Julie has been with me as GM of Fitness Quest 10 for 13+ years. She is one of my key right-hand people. Her loyalty, commitment, and devotion to serving Fitness Quest 10 are truly legendary. She has helped take us from a “small start-up” to one of the top gyms in America in her tenure with me. Her driving force and leadership have been a huge part of our success.

In January 2019, Julie will be taking the reigns of Todd Durkin Enterprises and helping lead us into the “next generation” to fulfill our vision to “IMPACT millions of people to greatness!”

With increased opportunities and demands on my motivational speaking, writing, corporate retreats and events, and sponsorships, I need more full-time help in driving these initiatives. And there is no one better than Julie at spearheading these initiatives and opportunities.

Julie Wilcox named Director of Global Development, Todd Durkin Enterprises

Julie is extremely excited about her new role and the new challenges that lie ahead. As my personal mission and vision has grown and evolved, so has my leaning on my key personnel. Julie is at the forefront of that.

(And for all you FQ10 fanatics, no need to worry. Julie’s office will still be at Fitness Quest 10 up in the Roots starting in a couple weeks. Her role will be changing but her energy and presence will still be felt).

Jeff Bristol Gets Named as GM of Fitness Quest 10.
With Julie moving onto the Todd Durkin Enterprises side of things, Jeff Bristol will be stepping up into the GM role at Fitness Quest 10.

Jeff has an amazing life story, he is a huge advocate for the Fitness Quest 10 tribe, and he is ready for the next level in his professional growth. I can’t think of a better person to help lead FQ10 into the next generation than Jeff.

Jeff has been with me at Fitness Quest 10 for 7-years. He started with us at the front desk, worked his way into a trainer role, became our busiest trainer, and then he became the Assistant GM at Fitness Quest 10 a year ago.

And now on Jan 1, 2019, he will assume the helm as GM at Fitness Quest 10. Join me in congratulating Jeff Bristol on his promotion!!

Jeff Bristol named General Manager, Fitness Quest 10

Lisa Evanovich named Assistant GM at Fitness Quest 10
With Jeff’s move up the ladder to GM, I am filling the assistant manager position at Fitness Quest 10 with long-time tenured “Director of First Impressions,” Lisa Evanovich. Like Julie Wilcox, Lisa started at Fitness Quest 10 as a client and moved her way into a front-desk role. She has since taken on numerous responsibilities and is now excited to handle a lot of the operational side of assisting Jeff as GM.

Congrats to Lisa on her new role and we are so excited and blessed to have her talent, love, and care to help to lead the charge and mission to change lives every day at Fitness Quest 10!

Lisa Evanovich named Assistant GM at Fitness Quest 10

Frank Pucher named Director of Todd Durkin Mastermind
With increased demands and attention on my Mastermind in 2019, Frank Pucher is pumped and excited to be moving to San Diego for his new position as Director of the TD Mastermind beginning in January 2019.

Frank has been in my Mastermind for 7-years, been a Platinum level coach for over 5-years, and has been yearning for a greater role the past 2-years.

Frank will be assisting both Larry Indiviglia (who is another key player in my organization) and myself in administering the growth and development for all coaches, trainers, and fitness pros who yearn for the next level in their personal and professional careers. Larry and I have been running the show for 11-years for the Mastermind since 2008 and Frank’s new role will bolster our deliverables to our Mastermind members. I am so excited to have Frank in an expanded role on our TDE team.

Congrats to Coach Frank Pucher as I know hundreds of fitness pros/Mastermind members WILL now get even better with Frank’s assistance to fulfill our mission “To create massive IMPACT personally and professionally for trainers, fit pros, and coaches who desire more success and significance in life.”

Larry Indiviglia (L) and Frank Pucher (R) will be helping me spearhead all Mastermind initiatives in 2019!!

CHANGE. BIG CHANGE. Historical change. Never have I “rattled the trees” so much. But man, am I excited for 2019. And so is my team.

With change comes great opportunity. And with opportunity, comes great change.

That’s what I’ve been working on since being in a LazyBoy on November 6th.

Tapping into my whispers.

Facing my fear.

Going into the unknown.

Listening to my gut.

And to ultimately put people in positions where they can further grow and excel and help fulfill our mission to create massive positive IMPACT to millions of people.

That’s WHY all of these changes were made!

How about you? What whispers are you hearing?

What “big” changes do you need to make in 2019 that could change the trajectory of your business, life, or IMPACT?

Do what needs to be done. Just accept it will be scary. It’s part of the territory that comes with the success you desire. Make the “big boy” or “big girl” decisions that need to be made and then pull the trigger.

Let me know what you are thinking and more importantly WHEN you are doing it!!!

After all, either you choose CHANGE…or CHANGE will choose YOU.

Love you guys and I can’t wait to help YOU create even more IMPACT in 2019. My changes are just the start of some amazing things that will be happening in this New Year. I hope your changes are a catapult for you also.

Buckle Up…and let’s get ready for what will be a great 2019!!!

Love ya,


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