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3 Fitness Titans–Horton, Hetrick, & Gray | IMPACT Q&A Ep. 07

Today’s episode of the IMPACT Show Q&A stems from the Super Bowl of all fitness shows, IDEA World. Todd catches up and interviews 3 titans of the fitness industry in Tony Horton (P90X creator), Randy Hetrick (TRX founder & creator), and Trina Gray (Club Owner, Entrepreneur, and Life Coach). No matter the industry you are in, the wisdom, knowledge, and high-performance lessons shared are guaranteed to help you achieve even more success and significance in your life. Tune in to dream big, get your mind right, and hear some serious IMPACT bombs from these titans of fitness. 

More on the Episode: 

Interview with Tony Horton, P90X Creator
0:24 – Tony’s 3 tips for success
Success in Tony’s eyes involve people, a plan… and forgetting about the finish line. Tony tells us how to enjoy the journey! 

1:28 – What Tony Horton does to get his mind right.
Find out what Fighter Pilots and Tony Horton have in common… 

2:02 – What’s next for Tony?
Gaiam TV, supplement lines, and other global companies… Tony is working on a couple things!

4:14 – Tony talks about his legacy.

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Interview with Trina Gray 
6:33 – Trina’s top tips for success and getting serious stuff done.
Trina shares with us her philosophy on success which includes the opposite of a one-size-fits all approach… and one where evolution is encouraged.

8:27 – Trina’s ‘Get Your Mind Right’ routine. 

9:09 – The Trina Gray legacy.
Trina’s legacy differs depending on the role… but whether Mom or female entrepreneur, she’s showing people how to define a life of fulfillment and success for themselves.

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Interview with Randy Hetrick, TRX Founder & Creator
11:39 – Randy Hetrick’s tips for success.
Randy’s advice on success meets at a crossroads: where knowing who you are meets the willingness to do the hard work.

12:43 – From an idea, to a product, to the market… Randy tells you how to make it happen!
Be a problem SOLVER. Be original.

13:52 – What Randy does to get his Mind Right and make his body his machine.

14:51 – The Randy Hetrick legacy.
Two words: revolutionize. fitness. 

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