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3 Ways to Become an EXPERT in the Fitness Field!

I love connecting with trainers and fitness pros from all over the globe. One of the most common questions trainers often ask me is, “How do you become recognized as an expert in the fitness field?”

My answer is always “YOU BECOME ONE!!!”

I believe there are 3 real, solid ways to do that.

In order to become an expert in training and coaching, you need to TRAIN & COACH a lot of people. I’m talking training hundreds and thousands of “hands-on” hours in the trenches per year. There is no such thing as a 23-year old part-time trainer sitting behind a computer and deeming him/herself an “expert.”

You either are “ALL-IN” or you’re not. And to be an expert, I’m talking MORE than 10,000 hours of training/coaching time logged in your career.

Yes, Malcolm Gladwell talks about the “10,000 Hour Rule.” I know it takes every bit of 10+ years of FULL-TIME training to really understand the many dynamics of training REAL human-beings needing to master the balance between the ART and the SCIENCE of training.

While I’ve seen a lot of things in my 20+ year career training (and over 70,000 hours logged), it’s amazing how much I still learn every darned week. And that’s because I’m still TRAINING people.

If you want to be an EXPERT, train more people and keep changing LIVES. While I no longer train 50+ hours per week (10-20 hours per week is what I average), it sure does allow me to keep my finger on the pulse and my blood boiling with fervor and excitement. #KeepTraining

I love speaking at fitness conferences. It’s one of the 5 things I MOST love doing in life. Whether it’s speaking at IDEA, Perform Better, CanFitPro, Filex, a private event, or my own 3.5 Day Mentorship or Mastermind Retreats, I study the art of speaking and LOVE to share the gospel of fitness on stage with other fired-up, passionate fit pros who are committed to changing and impacting other people’s lives also.

Whether you desire to speak on one of those similar platforms one day or not, I DO believe in the power of public speaking in terms of becoming recognized in your own community as an EXPERT. Keep honing your speaking skills and working on mastering the craft of speaking.

As a matter of fact, take a peek at what my good friend Lisa Sasevich just shared for folks looking to increase their speaking locally in the community and even globally. She created a free directory of 108 places you can speak to gain valuable visibility and land new clients. This will help you land new gigs and increase your business, regardless of where you live or your current level of expertise.

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Additionally, with social media today, “speaking” is easier than ever. Between IG LIVE, FB LIVE, and the countless ways to deliver a “keynote” over the airwaves, I believe that “speaking” is a great way amplify your voice, get out your message, and create more IMPACT!

Get out there and practice your public speaking and I promise you it will yield great results! #SpeakMore

I’ve spoken for many years about the importance of writing if you want to improve your business or even be recognized as an expert in fitness. There are many places you can write to share your knowledge, skill, and expertise…

  • A newsletter
  • A blog
  • An article in an industry journal
  • A Facebook post
  • An IG post
  • An email to your clients
  • A book. Nothing like a great book to share your authority on a certain topic (see my friends over at when you’re ready to self-publish your next book).

I always like to hear how Stephen King writes 2,500 words a day and produces best-seller after best-seller. 2,500 words is not a lot of words. It simply takes a commitment to sit down, tune out ALL distractions, and write.

Maybe you start with blogging 500-word blogs, 1x per week.

Maybe it’s an email to your list 2-3x per month that motivates, educates, or inspires them on what you do best.

Maybe it’s carefully-crafted FB posts which truly educates your community on your particular niche, thus growing your expertise in a particular area.

Or maybe it is time to sit your booty down on weekends to start working on the book that’s in your head that you’re convinced is going to change the world.

It’s never just about the length of what you write. It’s about the quality. It’s about the words you put on paper that come to life for the reader. Like anything, it takes practice. But it’s an important skill that can forever be fine-tuned and make a massive impact on many people.

Here’s the deal my friends. I just know there are so many great trainers who have a special story and message that the world NEEDS to hear. But it takes a lot of hard work, courage, discipline, commitment, and audacity to do what you say you want to do.

That is why I implore you…. PLEASE keep training and changing LIVES.

Start to speak more in your community and take advantage of other opportunities to get in front of people who NEED to hear your message. And WRITE what is in your head. The world needs your unique way of sharing your knowledge, wisdom, insight, and story.

I’ve got to go. I got work to do.

About to train some athletes. Work on landing some new speaking gigs. And write a few more articles. 🙂

Much love,


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