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The 4 Stages of Business

There are “4 Stages of Business,” regardless of your chosen field of endeavor.

#1. Survival

#2. Stability

#3. Success

#4. Significance

Which stage are you in right now?

And which one do you want to get to within the next 12 months? And what’s that going to take for you to advance stages?

I’m assuming you want more growth, correct?

And more clients, customers, members, right?

How about increased revenues and a bigger/better team?


Well, let’s take a look at what stage you’re at now and what it’s going to take to catapult you to the next level.

The 4 Stages of Business:

Survival: You’re working your tail off…but your hard work is barely paying the bills. You’re stuck doing everything for everyone. You’re the plumber, janitor, marketer, manager, webmaster, receptionist, repair man/woman, and then some. The weight of the world sits squarely on your shoulders as you try to make magic happen, but you’re just trying to stay afloat.

Vacation? Yeah, right. Time off? Not happening. Sick? Sorry, can’t miss a single session.

Early mornings and late nights are your lifestyle. You’re grinding to bootstrap yourself to the next stage; stability. And you deserve it!

Stability: The bills are getting paid and you’re even pocketing a small profit from time to time. You can take time off at this point, but not too much. No, no, your business still needs you badly. It’s a heckuva feeling to know you’ve evolved beyond survival, but most sessions, revenue, classes, etc. still depend solely on you. Maybe you even have a small team now, but you have dreams and visions to build something bigger. You know exactly what you’re seeking and it’s known as success. Man, you can almost smell it!

Success: Time freedom and money freedom have arrived. Heck, you have a team now and you’re relying on them more than ever before. Better yet, you’re building a community. New leads are coming in at a rapid pace and you’re getting plenty of inquiries about your services. Plus, you’re converting the majority of them into clients. Systems are in place and things are running smoothly. At this point, you’re making a profit… even while enjoying some well-earned time off. But you’re not done. You’re yearning for more out of life. You’re searching for more as there is a quiet voice whispering to you that there is something deeper inside of you. It’s called Significance.

Significance: It’s time to go maximize your potential and really live out your deepest purpose. You are tapping into your greatest gifts and your spirit is soaring. Dare I say, you’re creating massive IMPACT to many people. At this point, 80% (yes, 80%!!!) of your time is spent doing what you most love. And with your profits rapidly accelerating, you’re able to give back and really make a difference philanthropically to causes close to your heart.

Time and money freedom are at all-time highs, and professionally you’re living out your dreams. Whether it be speaking at conferences, hosting your own events, influencing thousands through social media, or scaling your message/programming/or story, you’re maximizing your gifts and potential. I call that IMPACT!

I know my “4 Stages of Business” is some deep stuff, but it’s time to evaluate.

Which stage are you at?

Where do you want to be?

What is it going to take for you to get there?

Before 2018 hits, answer those questions, start strategizing, and take massive action to get to where you want.

Much love,


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