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4 Unique Things at My Retreat & 10 Ways to Explode Your Business!

When I was a kid, I remember my Mom always saying, “March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb.” I love that!

This month is an exciting one. Not only is IHRSA coming up here in San Diego in a couple weeks, I have my Annual Retreat for my Todd Durkin Mastermind, March 23rd-26th right here in San Diego also. I always love gathering the fitness pros I most closely coach year-round at our LIVE events. And this one is no exception.

There are 4 things we are doing at this year’s 11th Annual Retreat that will be unique, including the announcement of our special guest speaker. Here are the 4 things:

1. We are inviting members’ kids! Yes, if any of our Mastermind members have kids between 12-20 who have the entrepreneurial spirit, we are inviting them to our retreat. The kids will have a special track customized just for their young brains to be stretched and challenged. I want to fuel these kids entrepreneurial spirits and empower our youth. I’m so excited about this!! 

2. We are having 2 “add-on” tracks for our members. One is on “Developing &amping up your online brand” and the other is “Brick & Mortar Day!” Both of these will topics are vitally important in today’s times so we are having spending an additional day on these topics, outside our normal awesome itinerary. 

3. We are having a social at my house. Not sure why but peeps always like it when we do this!

4. We are having a special guest speaker come in…and SHE is awesome. She is someone I’ve followed for over 10-years but just met last year. Her name is Lisa Sasevich and she’s a dynamo. And now she’s coming in to deliver a keynote program on at my private Retreat. I can’t wait to hear her talk and have my Mastermind friends experience her brilliance LIVE.

Fit pros, Lisa Sasevich is a must-follow. She is someone who can help you drive sales and improve your business. She’s a “sales” expert who teaches you how to sell making irresistible offers. And we all could do better at this, especially if you “hate to sell.”

That is why you NEED to follow Lisa. As a matter of fact, she is sharing the latest version of her best-selling book for FREE, along with some videos, to help you get better. It’s called ‘How to Make Your Offers Truly Irresistible’and I know it can help you.

Do yourself a favor and download it TODAY. You can thank me later.

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Lisa’s new best-selling book & it’s FREE if you download today!

Folks, my Mastermind Retreat in just a couple weeks is going to be awesome. We always GO DEEP personally and professionally. And I can’t wait for it to be here as always I love to host an event that offers incredibly valuable content that will IMPACT many lives. And this year will be no different. I believe these 4 “unique” offerings, in addition to all the networking, connecting, and “normal” presentations I give is going to make it as special as any of the past 10 Annual Retreats.

It will make for a great month of March that will mix a bit of “lamb” and a lot of “lion.” To me, that means “the needle will be moving” and lives will be changed!

My questions to you are “What are you doing this month to make sure your business needle moves also?

1. What “big” project are you working on? And is it significant enough to know that it will make a dent in revenue generation and client/member IMPACT? Will what your working on this month matter in 3 months from now? Or how about 3-years from now?

2. What programs are you creating or enhancing this month?

3. Are you revamping your systems to make your business run more effectively, efficiently, and profitably?

4. Are you enhancing your customer service deliverables to that your clients & member KNOW that there is no other business in your vicinity that can touch the “experience” you deliver?

5. Are you improving your consultations or sales systems/processes to convert more leads into customers?

6. Are you focusing on studying your marketing analytics this month to see which marketing efforts are giving you the best ROI for your marketing initiatives?

7. Are you visiting your accountant/book-keeper this month as April 15th fast approaches to get a deep-dive not only into your tax-situation but your financial outlook and game-plan as well?

8. Are you working on amplifying your personal brand and playing more in the digital space? Instagram, Facebook, blogging, email marketing, etc are all awesome but do take time, energy, and resources. What is your plan in this space?

9. Are you meeting with your team to increase communication, share vision, provide expectations, or give feedback (constructive or positive), or light a fire under everyone’s brimstone?

10. What are you doing to take care of YOU? Remember, life and business can knock you to your knees if you don’t take care of you. A gentle reminder as you work your tails off and try to do everything all at once, you must prioritize YOUR own health, fitness, and sanity. Get in your “mellow yellow” time and refresh and rejuvenate your batteries. And then when it’s time to work….WORK!!!

That’s it. Choose a few of those that are most pertinent to you and be uber-focused with your time this month on those things. Create a great month and be sure to get 1% better every single day. If you do that, think about how much better you will become by the end of March.

Go GET IT!!!


P.S. Don’t Delay…Take ACTION Today!!!
Lisa’s book and free video series she is sharing on “Irresistible Offers” is only FREE for a limited time. Get it today to ensure you have access to it.

P.P.S. Are you going to be at IHRSA?
If you are going to be at IHRSA, I’ll be at the expo all day on March 22nd. Drop me a line and maybe we can catch up.

P.P.P.S. Who is going to be at IDEA South next month?
I know it’s not in March, but it is in about a month from now. April 5-7, 2018 I will be keynoting in Dallas, TX at IDEA South. I have a discount code (TRAINER18+Durkin) if you are not yet registered and want to be there. I would love to meet you and hang with you during the show.

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