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40 Marines Working Out — Dose of Durkin

I have been teaching “Boot Camp” for about 18 years now. And every time I teach it, I LOVE it. Whether it be fitness enthusiasts, weekend warriors, kids, teams…or Marines!

Yes sir. One…two…three…four…United States Marine Corps.

I had the awesome opportunity to lead about 40 Marines and sailors through a Boot Camp workout this past weekend at the MLB All-Star Fan Fest in downtown San Diego. Under Armour hosted the #UAFreedom #USOWorkout and I was honored to carry the whistle and lead the session.

Check out the breakdown, the hootin & hollerin, and all of the ACTION with the Marines now…

This week is All-Star week for the MLB. These Marines and sailors are “all-stars” everyday. How can you be an “all-star” this weekend?

What can you commit to do to be an “ALL-STAR” this week in your health, fitness, nutrition, energy, spirituality, leadership, or relationships?

Think about it…share it…and most importantly, DO IT!

Much love “all-stars”…


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