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5 Big Thoughts for Today…

1.What brings you the MOST joy & happiness these days?

I’ve been doing a lot of virtual talks & keynotes lately. I did a “Get Your Mind Right” talk yesterday to an elite group of financial advisors. I had five major points to help these “high-performers” maximize their time, energy, and focus…and get their minds right!

One of the questions I asked the attendees in the keynote is a question I would like to ask you…

“What are five things you are doing these days that are bringing you the most joy, happiness, and fulfillment?”

For me, my answer would be…

  1. Writing. This includes books, blogs, and content-laden emails (like today’s TD-Times newsletter).
  2. Speaking. While I prefer a stage and “live” audience at a conference or meeting, it’s pretty cool you can reach hundreds or even thousands of people on a Zoom. I can’t wait to get back to doing some live events later this year. Until then, Zoom will do!
  3. Creating content. This includes podcasts, social media posts, “lives,” etc.
  4. Family time. I’ve been cherishing time with my 3-kids and wife Melanie (we celebrate 20-years next week!). I still can’t believe my oldest is off to college next Fall.
  5. Training. I love teaching my classes and still love training my clients & athletes. While it still is predominately “outside,” we are fortunate here in San Diego to be in such a mild climate.

How about you? What are 3-5 things YOU love to do…?

Whatever they are, be sure to DO MORE of what you love doing…and less of what you don’t like doing! 🙂

And oh-yeah, GET YOUR MIND RIGHT!!!

2. Get the Kids Back to School and LET THEM PLAY!!!

48 out of 50 states have had high school sports, including football, this year. CA is one of them that has NOT.

Many of the kids out here have NOT been in school and have NOT participated in sports for almost a year. It’s literally crushing our kid’s mental health. Depression is up. Anxiety is up. Suicide rates are up.

Enough is enough. Kids need to be in school. And they need to get back to their activities, which includes all sports. And yes, we can do it safely.

A big decision is looming in CA this week as to the status of school and sports. Let’s pray that Governor Newsom does the right thing.

Simple…Get the kids BACK TO SCHOOL and #LetThemPlay

3. The Mystery Prayer Man.

A friend sent this to me just yesterday. It’s a great insight on Drew Brees.A pretty cool story that I didn’t even know he was doing. #LoveThis

Check it out here!

4. “Exceptional Expansion—Part 2” is Coming SOON!

I recently shared some HUGE NEWS of how Fitness Quest 10 & TD Enterprises is growing. We are doubling-down in so many ways, including renovating BOTH locations. Wait until you see the finished “products.”

As a matter of fact, I just recorded Part-2 of my “Exceptional Expansion” podcast episode with GM & budding business partner Jeff Bristol yesterday. It was as deep a share you will EVER hear. And I think you are going to love it. Jeff & I share our vision of the future and talk about what led us to this point in our careers where we could both make some BIG moves.

Julie Wilcox interviews both Jeff Bristol & me in yesterdays recording of “Exceptional Expansion—Part 2.”

While this episode quite yet, BE SURE TO LISTEN TO PART 1 of “EXCEPTIONAL EXPANSION” today…

Remember, if you are not yet subscribed to the Todd Durkin IMPACT Show podcast, SUBSCRIBE TODAY. You can do that today right here…

5. Someone asked me recently if wearing a grey hoodie really works.

What do you mean by “works?” I asked. And then quickly followed up with, “Of course flipping the hood-up on a grey hoodie WORKS. It’s the quickest trigger to signal to GET YOUR MIND RIGHT at a moment’s notice.”

Sometimes you gotta go to another zone. Sometimes you need tunnel vision. Sometimes you want to tune the world out and go deep within.

That’s called Grey Hoodie Time. Not a blue hoodie. Or a red hoodie. Or any other color hoodie. I like all hoodies.

But if you want maximum effects…
It’s gotta be grey. It’s gotta be UA. And it’s gotta fit and feel just right.

So, of course, it works. GET YOUR MIND RIGHT! It’s #GreyHoodieTime

This what you do when you need to flip-the-switch

5 Random Thoughts. Hopefully, you enjoyed the array of topics I covered today and that at least ONE OF THEM spoke to you.

Finish the week strong, and let’s make sure to GET YOUR MIND RIGHT!

Much love,


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