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5 Days to a Fit Family

5 Days to a Fit Family

If you have young kids, a job, and other life commitments, you know how difficult it is to create a “culture of wellness” at home. Allotments of time and energy are not infinite, nor is the time span at which your son or daughter is not “too cool” to do things with mom and dad.

As I consult with many families, they often don’t even know where to start when it comes to creating positive health and wellness behaviors that can shape a child’s (and adult’s!) health and quality of life. It comes down to finding daily opportunities to enjoy some aspect of health together, whether it be in your exercise, nutrition, or mindset.

I’ve created a 5-day plan to give families some guidance to incorporating wellness into their day. Consider it a challenge to do all five days in a row, then evaluate how simple daily initiatives can create a tremendous positive change in your family’s health!

Day 1: Outside Day
Your challenge today is to be outside together for at least 30 minutes. Unless it is dangerous, get out despite the weather. I grew up in Oregon and played in the rain every day. I never melted. Go for a walk, play an established or made-up game, or do anything else that’s fun and active. As an adult, be directly involved.

Day 2: Team Dinner
Plan a dinner and everyone in the family is responsible for making some part of it. The only rule is that you have to use natural, unprocessed foods. Salad should be part of the meal. Let the kids pick out some exotic vegetables and prepare them. Dessert is part of the meal too! Still has to be made and not just “opened”.

Day 3: Family Olympics
Time for a little competition. Each member of the family has to do the most of each of the following skills they can in 30 seconds:

Jumping Jacks
Hover Plank (for time)
1-leg balance touches (each leg)

Day 4: 10 Different Fruits and Vegetables
Your goal today is for each member of your family to eat 10 different fruits and vegetables. You’ll need to prepare ahead of time, preferably by going to the store as a family and selecting the produce.

Day 5: Sock Fight!
Each member of the family gets 10 pair of balled-up socks. Everyone hides, and when someone says “go” it begins! Everyone is trying to hit everyone else by throwing socks. You can duck behind furniture, hide under beds, or anything else your own individual “rules” determine.

Each battle lasts 2 minutes. Try to do 3 or 4 battles in different rooms, or areas of the house. You will have to determine specific rules to ensure the game is safe, but you’ll be surprised how a simple game like this creates sweat, smiles, and fun!

Give the 5 days a try and then extend it into more. Work together to create a culture of wellness so our kids can become happy, healthy, pain-free adults.

Brett Klika C.S.C.S.
Director of Athletics
Fitness Quest 10

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