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51 Pushups, a Protein Shake, and a B-Day podcast

Good morning! Why is it you always have an extra bounce in your step on your birthday? Don’t you wish you could have that SAME bounce every single day?

Today I’m celebrating 51-years around the sun. Crazy. There are days when I feel 20-years younger. And there are some days I feel 20-years older & wiser. Can anyone else relate?!

Either way, I’ll bang out 51-pushups today and celebrate with a good “peanut butter protein shake” to cap it off (I love peanut butter protein shakes!).

I’m actually celebrating my Bday today up in San Jose for the season-opener of the San Diego Strike Force (arena football; Indoor Football League) versus the Bay Area Panthers. I hope we get off to a STRONG start to the season in my role as GM. I have no idea what to expect from tonight’s game, but I know I will learn a TON. Hopefully, we get the “W”.

One of the things I’ve realized in my 51-years is “the more I know, the more I realize I still have a lot to learn.” #LearningNeverStop

Regardless of your age, I believe that the perpetual pursuit of excellence, growth, and learning never stops. It plays a huge role in success.

As a matter of fact, I sat down with two “young” interns from Fitness Quest 10 for this week’s podcast and allowed them to fire-away any questions they wanted. I thoroughly enjoyed the interview, and I’m sharing it with you today, hoping that my “many years” of experience can positively impact you as well.

The topics we cover on today’s podcast include:

  • Opening a business and my top mistakes made.
  • How you grow a brand to create max impact.
  • How I got my first pro athletes. You will never believe how a broken massage table led to my first pro athletes.
  • My thoughts on certifications and are they important to one’s success.
  • Tips, wisdom, and suggestions on what to do post-university to ” find” your purpose.
  • My top tips for building and growing a successful business today.

Additionally, here are some of the QUESTIONS (and the time-stamps) that the interns asked on the podcast:

(12:00) When you started Fitness Quest 10, how did you market yourself to the community and professional athletes to build your credibility?

(14:56) When and how did you start hiring staff and expanding the offerings at Fitness Quest 10 beyond personal training?

(17:03) How breaking a massage table while doing bodywork on then San Diego Chargers Left Tackle Vaughn Parker opened many doors for me.

(19:52) Training LaDainian Tomlinson and Drew Brees in the early days.

(21:40) The value of mastering your craft and changing lives.

(27:22) Why it’s important to earn certifications but not hide behind them.

(28:40) What are the biggest mistakes you made starting out that you would share with entrepreneurs looking to start a business today?

Thanks for tuning in and your constant support and encouragement.

If there is one thing I feel today on my birthday, it’s pure “GRATITUDE.” In my journal today, I wrote down about “10” things I’m grateful for (i.e., Health, family, FQ10 community, Mastermind, my podcast, my TDE team, Live-events/speaking coming back to LIFE, etc.).

Additionally, one of those things I’m grateful for is YOU. I feel such tremendous gratitude for the many amazing people in my life. And YOU are one of those amazing people. Thank YOU!

Much love, and be sure to drop down and get in your 51 pushups and a protein shake today!


P.S. Watch the Monday Night Football game TONIGHT streaming LIVE!!!

If you would like to watch our first game of the season tonight (San Diego Strike Force vs. Bay Area Panthers, YouTube Live will be streaming it LIVE at 6:00 pm PST/9:00 pm EST on the website. So check it out and let’s see if the Strike Force can get off to a good start.

Additionally, I will be doing more of my Strike Force updates/comments on my Twitter.

Be sure to follow them at @ToddDurkin @SDStrikeForce.

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