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6 Ways to Get Your MOJO Back | IMPACT Q&A

Have you ever felt like you have lost your mojo? Or you need a little pick-me-up to get the creative juices and positive energy flowing again? In this episode of IMPACT, Todd answers the question “How do you get your mojo back when you are struggling from injuries and not able to put in the training you are used to, and you’re getting frustrated with yourself?” Todd provides the 6 ways to get your mojo back in ALL areas of your life, including while hurt or after injury. 

He will give you specific ways to increase your energy, focus your mindset, and how you turn a bit of adversity into an advantage. If you are struggling physically, mentally, or emotionally, this episode is for you! 

More on the Episode:

Great question today from Laura Sharp on getting your mojo back. Here is the question: “How do I get my mojo back? I’m struggling with injuries and putting on weight and I’m training like I used to! I’m so frustrated with myself!!”

Great question, thank you for sharing that, I completely empathize with you. I have a few points today which will help you and anyone else out there who wants more mojo. Well, we talk about mojo we talk about energy, getting your mind right, what is it going to take?

Here is what I share…

The first thing about getting your mojo back, and it seems small, but it is significant is I want you to snap your band.

Literally, snap your bad and get your mind right and use that as the physical impetus signifying it’s time to change. Like, boom I’m getting my mojo back. And, remind yourself of important your self-talk is. You have to continue to remind yourself of who you are, and that you can accomplish what you desire. I want you to clean up your self-talk and story you are telling yourself because if you are beating yourself up, and you’re not feeling good, and you keep telling yourself you’re not feeling good; the self-talk must change, you have to use words that will fill your mind up with I can do this, I got this, we can do it.

So that’s point number 2 remind yourself of how special you are and how you can do this, and how you can get your mojo back. 

If you were to ask yourself “Who AM I?” and answer it, what would you be? I am what? “I am energy,” or “I am fulfilled,” or “I am creative,” or “I am positive,” or “I am love.” Find words that will actually heighten your vibration and energy. The self-talk is essential for you right now.

Number three I would say is motion is lotion.

That’s right we are talking about moving your body. I want you to move your body. You know it takes me back to when I had knee surgery last year, I had a partial knee replacement, and for the years leading up to it, I never allowed my knee to be an excuse as to why I would miss a workout because you can always work around an injury. I could still focus on getting my upper body strength and my core strength, I could emphasize flexibility and mobility. I couldn’t squat or lunge like I use to, but I was okay with that because I was using movement as medicinal. Medicinal in the way of getting my mind right. Whenever you move your body, you get a D.O.S.E. of hormones. Specifically, dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and endorphins. So when those four chemicals are released in your body that helps get your mind right. There is a physiological response that happens when you move your body. So no excuses accepted. If you are out there and you have injuries, you are in pain, you have an autoimmune condition, I want you to move the body. Whether that means going out for a walk for 20 minutes, or taking a yoga class, or doing some strength training, remember motion is lotion. 

Number 4 is getting out in nature.

There is something so tremendous about being in nature. When you get outside, whether that be a walk on the beach and you go barefoot, and you feel the sand between your toes, or you get out in the mountains, and you feel the rarified air up at 5,000 or 10,000 feet, nature is very healing. But it takes a conscious decision to go out there and enjoy it actually. Do what you can do in nature even if it is just a little breathwork. Use nature as a part of your healing process because you will get your mojo back by getting out in nature.

Next, for number 5, I would say it is journaling.

Next, for number 5, I would say it is journaling. I often get the question about how do you journal, what do you do? Well, it’s actually quite a simple process because there is not a wrong way to journal. If nothing else, simply write down what you are the most grateful for. Spend that journaling time in gratitude. Now maybe you have been hit with a condition, or there is situation or circumstance that you have no control over and you find yourself in constant worry or fear. When you actually put pen to paper, you write down what’s in your life, who is in your life, and who you are most grateful for. The power of journaling goes along way in allowing you to feel some balance and solitude in your life versus constantly feeling frenzied, stressed, or even anxious.

So to get your mojo back, I believe that by writing down gratitude in your life, and writing down how you would like to feel. Whenever I do the facilitation of coaching exercises whether it be at my 3.5 Day Mentorship program or at my Mastermind retreats, I love taking a few minutes to write down something to the effect of “I am so happy and grateful now that…” and you write down your life as you want it, in a month from now or 90 days or a year from now, or 3 years or 10 years down the line. I’m so happy and grateful now that and you write for 5-10 minutes. I promise you if you commit to writing for 3-5 minutes a day and it sounds so simple, your perspective will change. If you can literally spend just these few minutes writing down in a journal or in a book the things that you are most grateful for and the energy that you want to radiate out into the universe, I promise you your mojo will change.

Let me end with one more here for when you are struggling with injury and getting your mojo back, I would say it is to seek out more cheerleaders in your life.

Who are the people who lift you up? I find we have enough naysayers in our life, the energy vampires who bring you down and you are stuck in this quagmire or negativity, depression, and it’s actually drowning your spirit and soul. What I want you to do is to find people around you who lift you up. Whether it is listening to a podcast or positive voices in your life, telling you you can do this you can get through this, and the self-talk is becoming more positive and helping you get your mind right. Reminding you to get outside and move, to get out in nature, to journal, these are all best practices, and who you surround yourself with is all a part of the process of changing your mojo and elevating your energy and your life to get your life back. 

So, those are six different ways to get your mojo back, and I know that if you take action, the biggest and most important thing is your taking action on these things, I promise you your mojo will be flowing!

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