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7 Lessons Football Has Taught Me About Life

Today we are talking about something I love–football. Regardless of whether you like football, sports, or not, football has taught me many valuable lessons. Enjoy this light-hearted, fun, and spittin-fire episode and I’m confident it will give the extra Mojo we all are searching for. I’ll share the 7 top lessons I’ve learned and practiced from over 3-decades in football that have helped me be a better athlete, teammate, leader, entrepreneur, husband, and father. Without further ado, it’s time for kickoff. Tune-in NOW! 

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More on the episode:

:15 – We Talkin Football – 7 lessons shared on why I love football and what it taught me about life.

2:30 – #1. Preparation is the key to success – you have to go into your game with a plan.

5:04 – #2. Why do you play the game – To WIN! Compete to win and serve others.

6:45 – #3. Teamwork Makes the Dreamwork! Who is on your team?

8:05 – #4. Injuries Happen – Warriors train to compete and set micro-goals.

9:48 – #5. Momentum Shifts – Get the juice, more mojo back in your tank.

11:35 – #6. Life is going to be hard – We Got This!
If it’s going to be, it’s up to me!”

12:52 – #7. Get Your Mind Right! Overcome fear and dream big!

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