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7 Steps To Reach Your Fitness Goals | IMPACT Q&A

Trick or Treat–Happy Halloween! This episode is going to help you stay away from the “treats” and get your mind right on training. I’m excited to answer two great questions today. One question is from @kidbaklava76 who’s looking to jumpstart his training and exercise routine. I share my 7 steps to help get you on the right track whether you are starting out or looking for a major spark in your routine. 

The second question comes from @sparkplugwellness who asks how my travel fitness routine differs from my normal routine and asks for my recommendations. Buckle up. I hope you love the Q&A episodes as much as I enjoy doing them. Keep your questions coming at Until next time, train hard and stay away from the sugar!

More on the Episode

Question #1: “I’m 43 and I haven’t worked out in years, where do I begin? I’m 5’7”, 290lbs.” 


2:07 – The Power Of Taking A Physical Inventory
Where are you at right NOW?

2:46 – Goals and Why You Should Set Them

3:38 – How To Get Started
The art of creating a habit… (get moving!)

4:33 – Nutrition is Imperative
How much are you eating? Enough? Or not enough?

5:04 – Avoiding The “Hunters Complex”
Is your body storing fat?

6:37 – The Game Changer: A Daily Journal
How to go beyond just your physical workouts and nutrition and tap into something deeper.

7:52 – Build-In Accountability!
Do you have a workout buddy?

8:26 – Hire A Coach
If you can’t figure it out on your own… there is always someone who can help!

Question #2 
“Todd, do you have two different routines when you are traveling and when you are at home, or just one? How do you maintain your fitness & your routines?”


10:32 – Avoid Eating Poorly When On The Road
“A salad a day!”

10:52 – Pack A Backpack
Healthy snacks on-hand keep you from reaching for not-so-healthy options. 

11:47 – When Crossing Time-zones
The FIRST thing you should do…

12:11 – Take Care Of Your Body With The Right Gear
Compression gear on my legs

12:47 – Stay Hydrated
My rule: 8oz for every hour you are traveling. 🙂

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