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7 Strategies For Optimal Recovery & World-Class Performance

Recovery is the name of the game, my friends. This often-overlooked component of performance is a crucial piece along the path to world-class. As many of you know, I dodged major back surgery and naturally healed my body by testing various recovery methods following a career-ending football injury. To this day, I’ve been able to live my best life possible by committing to the techniques below. Whether you’re in pain, seeking to prevent pain, or simply looking to level-up your life, these strategies will have a major IMPACT on your body and soul.



    1. Commit To Quality Sleep: You have to give your body rest to properly recover, and there’s nothing your muscles, mind, and spirit appreciate more than a good night’s sleep. Avoid alcohol, caffeine, and TV before bed, to ensure you get the highest-quality rest possible. I aim for 6.5 – 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep per night. Any less than that, and I’m drained. Any more than that, and I’m groggy. Find your “magic” sleep number and commit to it.


    1. Fuel Up On Protein: The benefits of protein are known universally, but the challenge is ensuring you’re getting enough of it. I recommend 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight. Fish, chicken, and beef are great natural sources of the nutrient, and you can use whey (post-workout) or casein (before bed) powders to make up for any protein deficiency. Visit my friends at Ascent Protein for some excellent options.


    1. Schedule Soft Tissue Work: For those of you who read my first book, The IMPACT! Body Plan, you know how much I believe in the benefits of soft tissue work. From foot to fingertip, you’re one big fascial sheath. Without taking care of your fascia through techniques like massage and foam rolling, it becomes hardened and constricted, leading to tightness and knots. Schedule a session with a skilled therapist at least once a month (heck, maybe you want to commit to once a week) and be sure you’re stretching and foam rolling for recovery.


    1. Get To Know NormaTec: You may have seen NormaTec’s big black booties around and thought to yourself, “What the heck are those things?”  NormaTec recovery products use compressed air to massage your limbs and increase circulation for faster, more-efficient recovery. Beyond the boots for lower body work, they also make hip and shoulder products boasting the same benefits. You’re going to start seeing these around the industry more often — they’re a favorite of my athletes — and I assure you, they work!


    1. Try A TheraGun: I busted this badboy out during the TD TV episode above to show you what it’s all about. The handheld self-massager allows you to heal yourself through vibration therapy. This light and compact tool is perfect for problem areas you can’t hit with a roller. The best part? The TheraGun uses batteries, making it a perfect companion for recovery on-the-go.


    1. Hop In An Infrared Sauna: My favorite recent addition to Fitness Quest 10 is our infrared sauna. Sit in there for 10 minutes at 140 degrees or higher, and you will flush out toxins, speed up recovery, and feel rejuvenated. Head over to Instagram to see me having a little fun at a sweltering 162 degrees.


  1. Cool Down With Cryotherapy: Ah, the opposite of the infrared sauna is ice-cold cryotherapy. Instead of 10 minutes in heat, cryotherapy is just 2 – 3 minutes at a chilly -215 degrees (yes, you read that right!). Consider this treatment as ice on steroids. Want to see what it looks like? We had a mobile tank swing by FQ10 and my team filmed me freezing cold for a Dose of Durkin.  


And then some…


  1. Supplements: Supplements can help boost recovery; however, if you’re not eating clean, it’s not going to matter. Remember, supplements do not replace sound eating habits; they should simply supplement your already-healthy diet. A few of my favorites for recovery are glutamine, BCAA’s, magnesium, fish oil, and cinnamon extract.


Rather than attempting to commit to all eight of the strategies above, I suggest you pick one or two to implement each week. Before you know it, a handful of these will become habits, and the rest can be used as needed.

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