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7 things I loved about Sunday’s SD STRONG event!

This past Sunday was a memorable day in my career. Over 400 people gathered on the Scripps Ranch (San Diego) football field for a San Diego STRONG event. There was mist in the air, it was Memorial Day Weekend, and the energy was pulsating.

There were so many highlights from the event but I would like to cover just a few. 7 to be exact.

  1. Proclamation Day
    Alongside Whitney Southwick (NBC) and a representative from Mayor Kevin Faulconer’s office, they declared May 29th, 2016 “Todd Durkin Day.” I got emotional accepting this proclamation as it was my 2nd proclamation in 2 weeks (Brick NJ honored me last week). #Humbled
  2. The STRONG Workout
    8 of the trainers & trainees from STRONG were in Scripps Ranch for the event and they put on an amazing workout. Huge shoutout to my fellow STRONG teammates & friends who helped make Sunday a great event.Leyone Azubuike & Victoria Castillo (Aqua Team)
    Drew Logan (Red Team)
    Mat Miller (Purple Team)
    Wes Okerson & Jasmine Lovelace (Grey Team)
    Brittany Harrell (Yellow Team)
    They rocked the stage and put on a great workout and show!! Thanks superstars!!!
  3. Executive Producer Dave Broome in the house!
    It was awesome to have Dave Broome address the crowd for about 10 minutes. He shared his vision of the show, updates on a potential season #2, and even how he didn’t think I had a prayer in that comeback challenge. Haha…I love proving people wrong. Thanks Broome for the opportunity to coach and compete on STRONG, it sure has been an honor.
  4. The CROWD!!!
    Wow-o-wow! It was raining in the early morning. It was misting throughout the event. And with the inclimate weather, we still must have had close to 500 people on that football field fired-up and ready to workout. I loved seeing the kids intensity and energy. And I loved seeing all the smiles on everyone’s face. It made for a truly memorable experience. Thank you to ALL who were there and helped create an incredible experience.
  5. All the sponsors and companies that donated items for “opportunity drawings”…
    There are so many people to thank that helped make this truly an IMPACTful event. 100% of the proceeds went to the IMPACT Foundation to give back scholarships to students and families in-need.Here are some of those folks who sponsored the event or made product donations.
    Platinum Plus Sponsors:
    Journey Fitness (Elmira, NY)Journey Fitness

    University of Phoenix

    Matt YangUOPX_Sig_Hor_Red_Medium
    Judy Caughran
    Opportunity Drawing Donations:
    HealthMate Infrared Sauna
    Under Armour HEALTHBOX
    TRX Suspension Trainers & Rip Trainers
    Pure Inventions VIP KitCongratulations to Leon Mowadia (Brick, NJ) for winning the infrared sauna!!!

  6. All the volunteers!!!
    I always say that “teamwork makes the dream work.” And there is no doubt that many people helped to make this event possible.

    • Whitney Southwick—NBC 7 for emceeing the event and adding such positive energy. Thank you!
    • Bob Ilko and the SRCA—Bob, we would not have been able to pull this off without you. Thank you!
    • DJ Bumps (Brian Bowman)— the music was awesome and set the tone for a great workout & event. You rock!
    • My Fitness Quest 10 Team. We had tremendous support from the FQ10 team on the entire event lead-up and day-of-event logisitics. I am so grateful for the incredible team I get to work with everyday. They certainly did SHINE on Sunday!
    • Tiger Tees—thank you for all the STRONG shirts for free giveaways.
    • Scripps Ranch High School – Thanks for letting us put on a rocking workout. Couldn’t have done this without the great venue and we were certainly

7. My MOM was there!
Seriously, is there anything better than having your Mom present for an event? My Mom is 82-years old now and she doesn’t get to see me do things like this very often. But I flew her out here from Florida for the STRONG event and for the Finals on Thursday. These are once-in-a-lifetime opportunities and I’m trying to treasure every single moment I have with her. #Gratitude #Blessed

That’s a wrap from the San Diego STRONG event. 7 of my top highlights from this very special day. Between Brick NJ last week and now this event, we have both coasts covered.

My hope and intention is that the tremendous motivation, inspiration, and ENERGY that was created the past few weeks will spread throughout the universe and continue to make a huge difference. That is IMPACT!

Much love and much STRENGTH!


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