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7 Environments in Life

A Special Birthday Message
By Todd Durkin, MA, CSCS

I’m a huge believer in surrounding yourself with the right people. People that will elevate your mindset, challenge you, hold you accountable, give your honest feedback, and people that you can trust. I am a firm believer in that you are the average of the 5 closest people you surround yourself with.

And one of those closest people to me in my “inner circle” is a man named Larry Indiviglia. He is not just my “camera-guy.” He’s one of my closest and best friends. He’s a confidant. A friend. A coach. A mentor. He’s one of the finest human beings on the planet.

Larry 60th BirthdayLarry is a genuine, authentic, caring, and loving man. And he is this way 24/7/365. He is dedicated, disciplined, and as hard-working as they come. He is a warrior. He is a soldier. He is a compassionate human-being that epitomizes what a fitness professional should be. And what a human-being should be. He has dedicated over 20 years in the military (between active duty and reserves). He has dedicated over 20 years of service to the fitness field. And he has dedicated 60 years of his spirit, energy, and love to this universe. And he has made the world a better place to live.

Today (August 16th) is Larry’s 60th birthday. It’s a big one for him. He’s entering a new decade in life. And he’s been “training” for this day for many months. As a matter of fact, he’s running a 5K run (America’s Finest City 5K) this morning to attempt to WIN his age category. And regardless of the outcome, he’s a champion in my book.

My friends, Larry wrote an article for the Todd Durkin Mastermind called, “My 7 Environments in Life.” It’s as profound and wise of an article as I have EVER seen from him. And he’s written some pretty deep material. I want to share it with all of YOU because it has such tremendous wisdom. And I don’t want it reserved for just the Mastermind. I want it to IMPACT everyone!

Do yourself a favor and read his article below.

Larry, I hope your 7th decade is your BEST one yet. Thanks for all you do. And more importantly, thank you for WHO you are. Happy Birthday brother!


“My 7 Environments in LIFE”
by Larry Indiviglia, TDMM Platinum Coach 

I am writing this article just 3 days before my “60th” birthday. You know how it is in our culture… we celebrate those every decade milestones; anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, etc in a more meaningful and deeper way. I wanted to share a few thoughts about LIFE that align with Todd’s theme of “Environment.” My goal is not to pen a retrospective or autobiographical piece on my six decades of life, or to tell you how to live your life.

Life according to Larry is pretty simple and some would say boring. That said, what I will share is how we can choose the type of “environments” that define us as individuals and conversely how we  have to respond to random actions, events, and situations that ultimately define us even more.

#1 The Environment of CARE – I was lucky. I had a great Mom and Dad (my Mom died at 63, my Dad is still alive, he will be 96 in November). They taught me and my 3 siblings to CARE for each other and other people. I grew up in a home for 17+ years and felt LOVED and CARED for and that is a priceless foundation for any young man’s LIFE. It was for mine.

#2 The Environment of CHANGE – My 2nd decade was one of mental, physical, emotional and spiritual CHANGE and growth. I saw people around me CHANGE, not all for the better as the late 60’s was filled with cultural change in the United States. I saw people consumed by the drug culture (including my late older brother and some of my best friends). That type of CHANGE I avoided and chose to embrace a fitness/health/athletics/training lifestyle, that to this day I still practice and adhere to. 

#3 The Environment of COMPETITION – My 3rd decade was characterized with intense competition at the Naval Academy, as a Naval Officer, and as an avid runner. COMPETING brings out our BEST, and requires the discipline, consistency of habit, and dedication to a goal or cause. COMPETING does not have to be on an athletic field, and most times in LIFE, it will not be. At decades end, I chose to attend Graduate School twice and found myself COMPETING in the classroom once again. COMPETITION teaches us that to be good is good, but to be GREAT, to be at the top of one’s game, is EUPHORIC. COMPETING is more than about “WINS” and “LOSSES” it is about blood, sweat, tears, hard work, respect for opponents and “CARING” for teammates.

#4 The Environment of PRO-CREATINGMy 4th decade saw the birth of my two children Joe and Lauren. AND that is when I “grew-up.” Being responsible for two young lives for 18 years is a daunting responsibility. Being a “DAD” taught me the meaning of sacrifice, unconditional LOVE, true joy and an overwhelming sense of  FAMILY. A parent is only as happy as his/her saddest child and I have been blessed beyond belief to have two beautiful kids who are solid citizens, spiritually strong, hard-working and FUN to be around.

#5 The Environment of COMMUNITY – My 5th decade was great for my professional fitness career and gave me the opportunity to SERVE MORE and GIVE BACK more. I continued to CARE, CHANGE, and COMPETE (the PRO-CREATION was over) but I realized that we are all here together to DO OUR BEST to make the COMMUNITY, the country, the world a better place. SERVING my church “spiritual” COMMUNITY made me so aware of how blessed I really am.

#6 The Environment of CHALLENGE –  My 6th decade as been the toughest and yet the most rewarding of them all. I joined the Todd Durkin Mastermind and  started  my coaching career. I lost a brother, my best friend Neil, and a marriage. I broke my neck. I saw my kids graduate High School and College and “earn” great jobs. I have been able to continue training clients, and have SERVED a lot of people within the Mastermind. I continued to COMPETE, and have learned to adapt;  experience is a strength. I continue to CHANGE, learn and grow.  CHALLENGES will CHALLENGE  and test you, your beliefs, core values, character, faith and commitment. CHALLENGES will also bring people into your life that are just awesome. People who truly CARE and LOVE you. We chose to be CHALLENGED and sometimes CHALLENGE chooses us. How we respond to adversity is the true measure of a man or woman.

#7 The Environment of CHERISH – As I enter my 7th decade, and hopefully not my last, I have a sense of gratitude for my health, family, friends and the freedom to choose what I want to do. I am mindful that each day is different and each day a blessing. Being PRESENT is being aware of the environment around me and the realization that LIFE is made up of a series of special moments. I want to CHERISH these special moments. God is good and I know HIS plan for me will continue to unfold.

Whatever your “Life’s  Environments” are, be passionate and purposeful about them. And then maybe when you reach your 7th decade you can reflect back and say:

“I loved LIFE and LIFE loved me back. I loved PEOPLE and PEOPLE loved me back.”

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