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90 Day Wonder

By Todd Durkin, MA, C.S.C.S.

People often ask me the question, “How do you get done all that you get done in a day?”  My answer is actually a fairly simple one.  I have been disciplined about doing a series of exercises that have helped me stay laser-focused on my personal and professional development.  And then I work like hell to make sure I stay disciplined and focused on getting it done.

One of those exercises I do consistently is called the 90 Day Wonder.

One of my mentors Wayne Cotton introduced me to the “90 Day Wonder” back when I was launching my business, Fitness Quest 10, in 1999.  Little did I know what a powerful exercise that it would become on an on-going basis for me both personally and professionally.

Every 90 Days, I perform this exercise without fail.  Additionally, it is one of the several exercises that I facilitate with my trainer Mastermind on an on-going basis to facilitate powerful change and action.  It really helps create crystal clear focus and vision in the short term, and big-time results in the long term.

Now there are 3 questions that you need to GO DEEP on with a 90 Day Wonder and that’s it.  My recommendation is that you spend a minimum of 20 minutes on each question.  If you do that, it will take you approximately 1 HOUR to complete the 90 Day Wonder exercise.  It may very well be the best hour you have spent on yourself in a long-time.

Find yourself some quiet space when going through your 90 Day Wonder.  I personally love to complete my 90 Day Wonders on an airplane because I have ZERO distractions.  But find a space that works for YOU.  To spend 1-2 hours working ON my business versus IN my business, is transforming!

Lastly, I like to draw a line down the middle of my paper.  One side is “PROFESSIONAL” and the other side is “PERSONAL/SELF.”  And then start writing the answers to the 3 questions.

Here are the questions.

I.  What have I accomplished in the last 90 days?

Write down all the things you have done and accomplished both personally and professionally.  The reason you do this is because we often forget all that we have accomplished and “checked off the list.”  It is a best practice to celebrate your successes and remember all that you really have done.

II.  What are your current present issues, challenges, obstacles?

List out all the things that are currently holding you back from getting you to where you want to go.  While this often takes me more then 20 minutes, the mere fact of you writing it down on paper is a powerful way for you to visualize overcoming any challenges or obstacles and then prioritizing which ones you will take ACTION on.

Take your time on this question and again, make sure you work on both your personal as well as your professional side.

III. What are your goals for the next 90 days?

This is where you get to take ACTION on the most pressing items that you just listed out.  You want to be specific as possible and set time deadlines to make sure you are held accountable.  You should have at least 5 BIG items that you need to accomplish both personally and professionally over the course of the next 90 Days.

The magic is in sitting down and writing out YOUR answers.  And going DEEP.  If you practice this discipline, share it with other colleagues or entrusted confidants that can help provide you feedback or resources for you to accomplish what you wrote down, you will be amazed on what you get done in a day, month, year, or lifetime.

Try it.  I promise you will love it.  And write me back and let me know how it’s going for you!

Todd Durkin, MA, CSCS, is an internationally recognized performance coach, personal trainer, massage therapist, and author, who motivates, educates, coaches, and inspires people worldwide.


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