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A Champion Mindset!

What does it take to be a champion? Whether it be league title in junior high or high school, a conference championship in college, or a Super Bowl, World Series, Olympic Gold, or a world title in fighting…the ingredients are the same.

Here are some of the key ingredients to be a CHAMPION:

  1. Crazy HARD WORK. Just when you think you are working hard, that’s when champions START to work. Champions must always “Be the hardest worker in the room.”
  2. Insane COMMITMENT to training. Weight room, conditioning, speed and power training, flexibility, and recovery work.
  3. Uber DISCIPLINE on the nutrition side. Clean, lean eating designed to “Fuel the Ferrari.” A champion must eat to win. Eat what you NEED to eat, not what you WANT to eat.
  4. Mental preparation. Visualization, film-work, and constant review/analysis of past performances, opponent tendencies, and studying the game-plan.
  5. The MINDSET OF A CHAMPION. One thing I always say to my clients and athletes is you gotta “GET YOUR MIND RIGHT.” Actually, it’s something I’ve been saying for over 10-years now to athletes and audiences alike. I say it to myself every single day. A champion must be mentally strong and have the ability to overcome setback, disappointment, loss, or injury.A champion must be able to have a short memory and focus on the “next play” instead of the “last play.” It takes an insane amount of focus, discipline, and toughness to stay mentally sharp. But the BEST OF THE BEST have the uncanny ability to be mentally STRONG. #GetUrMindRight

Bottom line is this, if you want to be a champion, you must think like a champion…
Act like a champion.
Train like a champion.
Eat like a champion.
Prepare like a champion.
And THINK like a champion BEFORE you are a champion.

My friends, I have trained many “champions” in my life. In all walks of life and in all sports. And in all occupations and careers.

One of the guys who epitomizes the word CHAMPION is MMA fighter, Michael Chandler. Mike is a 2-time Bellator Lightweight Champion of the World and one of the most dedicated, tenacious, and hard-working athletes I know.

I have had the opportunity to train Michael now for over 5-years and I have witnessed his extraordinary growth as an athlete and a man.

Today’s MindRight Maniac episode is going to give you a glimpse inside a workout with “Iron Mike” and how he uses the “Champion Mindset” to be the athlete that he is.

Enjoy this session of the “CHAMPION MINDSET” and let me know if you have what it takes to train (not fight!) like Mike!

MRM Ep 14
Iron Mike Chandler Training with the “Champion Mindset”

There is a good chance as you read and watch this that you are NOT an MMA fighter. And you do not need to be to glean motivation to TRAIN & THINK LIKE A CHAMPION.

Whether you are a student, an athlete, an executive, a Mom or Dad who wants to improve their health and fitness, or anyone who wants to just improve their performance and have the “CHAMPION MINDSET,” it’s there. It’s inside of you. But you must follow the ingredients day-in and day-out to be the champion you desire to be.

Just like Mike Chandler says, “To be the best, you gotta train like the best, so go out and BE YOUR BEST.”

Time to get to work!

See you in the cage (or better yet, just in the gym)!

Much love and many champions,



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