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A Champion’s Mindset with Drew Brees

Drew Brees is one of the best NFL Quarterbacks of all-time. In this episode of the TD IMPACT Show, Todd sits down with record-setting quarterback, Drew Brees, and talks all about the Champion’s Mindset. Drew is entering his 19th season as a Super Bowl Champion & MVP and holds records for Career Passing Yards, Career Pass Completions, and Career Completion Percentage. He has returned to San Diego, CA, each off-season for the past 16-years to train with Todd to prepare for the upcoming season. 

In this episode, Todd and Drew unpack the mindset required of any athlete, leader, entrepreneur or person seeking high-performance and personal growth. The story of Drew’s climb through the NFL (from the start, to overcoming adversity, to where he is today) is a game-changer for anyone looking to be their absolute best. This episode is guaranteed to GET YOUR MIND RIGHT and lead you to your MVP performance! 

More about the episode: 

4:12 – Drew’s thoughts on entering into his 19th season.
The more years Drew has been in the league, the more opportunities he sees for leadership. Check out here how Drew is setting the tone for the younger guys…

5:26 – The hardest thing about being in the League now, versus the beginning.
Each new year-and new chapter (as Drew refers to the lifespan of his career)- have brought on new mindset challenges. Check out how Drew flips the conversation from “what’s hard?” to “are you evolving and adapting?” Yes! 

7:52 – Drew talks about the importance of mentors and how he uses his lessons from playing in the League to pay it forward. 

9:58 – Where does the passion, grit, and desire to stay on top of Drew’s mindset come from? 
Discover how honoring where you come from, as well as how you’re wired (Drew is very competitive!), can be the catalyst for the passion, grit, and desire required to be your best.

12:50 – How Drew compartmentalizes all of his roles: Dad, philanthropist, teammate, husband, and leader.
Drew gives us a glimpse into the game he plays with himself in order to create the urgency he needs to stay focused on one moment, task, and role at a time.

16:45 – The biggest difference between Drew’s in-season mindset vs. out-of-season mindset?
Energy (and how to manage it) vs. Rest (and how to embrace it).

20:13 – Drew’s mindset when the momentum shifts away from his team during a game. 
One. small. win. at. a. time.   

21:58 – When the momentum shift against the team is “his fault”? Does he still have the same mentality? 
Drew addresses the difference between the mindset of re-gaining momentum… and the mindset of re-instilling confidence in his teammates. Drew shares his best leadership tips to empowering his team.

23:22Drew shares the advice he would give to young athletes today after they make a mistake.

25: 03Drew shares the advice he would give to young athletes and parents of young athletes. 

30:10 – The purpose behind FNA (Drew’s flag football league) 
Drew wants FNA to be the gold standard in youth flag football league for coaches and kids. His passion is obvious!
For more information on his flag football league visit  

34:43 – The hardest thing about Drew’s job that we don’t know about…
Let’s just say Drew leads A LOT of people…

37:22Drew’s advice to adults, entrepreneurs, Moms, and Dads to help them “get their mind right.”

39:16Predictions for the 2019 Season… 

46:47 – Bonus: Drew speaks at the Annual Todd Durkin Mastermind Retreat.
We go deep on legacy and what Drew wants his legacy to be! 

This episode is sponsored by the Todd Durkin Mastermind & CarnoSyn.

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