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A Man of Soul with Matt Stocker

I’m super fired today to bring you a good friend of mine who is lighting up the East Coast with IMPACT.  Meet my guy Matt Stocker, an amazing Fit Pro and part of my Mastermind spreading his Heart and Soul in his gym, Trinity Fitness, and his community.  

This episode is for anyone who needs a little inspiration and motivation, especially now!  So get ready because today we are talking about:

  • FAITH 
  • Surviving and Thriving during COVID
  • Trusting the process
  • How to best help people in your circle
  • How Matt met Todd and why he joined the Mastermind
  • The Power of a Vision – the goal of owning ten properties
  • Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable!

My friends, this episode is full of great wisdom and soul, and you will see what a man of IMPACT Matt Stocker is. If you find this episode inspiring, please share it with all your friends, family, and community. Please tag us on your social media, and I can return some love. 

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More on the episode:

:25 – Are you the person someone will always pick up the phone for?

1:12 – Meet Fit Pro Matt Stocker, amazing man, father, and great teammate in my Mastermind program.

4:44 – Trinity Fitness – Matt shares what makes it special.
Mind, Body, and Spirit. Matt, a man of Soul. Share your heart and soul with people.

6:42 – Leaders show up in a time of adversity
Matt shares how COVID has allowed him to own a business again.

10:48 – Thrown off Course!
Trust the Process

12:37 – Matt shares his morning routine.
Health and vitality. What can draw you nearer to god?

16:57 – What brought Matt Stocker to Todd?
More forward with heart and mind. Spirit. Faith – all in now more than ever, we need a rock to stand on.

19:42  – How Matt helps his members.
Listen to them. Make a phone call. Have a conversation on the side. Be the thermostat.

22:20 – The power of a vision and writing it down.
The goal of owning ten properties – 7 down 3 to go!

26:43 – Most valuable takeaway from the Mastermind.
Someone to lean on. Like-minded people to bounce ideas off of.

28:53 – Advice to Fit Pro’s.
Invest in mentors, people you can trust. Older and wiser mentors. Don’t be afraid- keep moving forward.

30:00 – Take care of yourself.
If you are always giving, you will need to replenish the well. Get control of your schedule.

32:31 – Final words from Matt.
Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable- it’s ok to let it out.

About Matt Stocker:

Matthew has been involved in the fitness industry for over 16 years. His athletic career started in high school where he was an outstanding lineman. He went on to play football at Rowan University where he visited the national championship for 2 years. 

He received his Bachelors in criminal justice.

With a passion for fitness and people, Matt continued to Kean College where he received his Master’s in Human Behavior. 

This degree has enabled him to establish long term relationships and understand the real issues behind people and their goals.

In 2004, he received his first fitness job and continued to build his client base while learning how to operate a business.

In 2009, Matt Stocker’s Trinity Fitness was born in Easton Pennsylvania and soon became one of the best places in the area to personal train. He continued his education at IMG academy and their sports performance program.

In 2017, Trinity relocated to the brand new facility at the Silk Mill in Easton, Pa. This new complex will be the home to various businesses and also an apartment complex of 151 condos.The business continues to evolve by adding 24 hour gym access.

M.A. Human Behavior
Todd Durkin Fit Pro of year 2019
Married 22 years
2 children
Real Estate Investor
IG: @Matthewjstocker
FB: MatthewStocker

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