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A Note From One of Our Clients

Every Month, we featured a client of the month here at Fitness Quest 10. This month our featured client is Joan Stein. Check out a little more about her FQ10 experience, and who gave her the first tour of FQ10 when I was just opening the facility!

What brought me to FQ10?
Todd Durkin and his sweet dog! In late 2001 while recovering from breast cancer surgeries I wandered upstairs above Vons on a Sunday afternoon, stuck my nose in the door of an almost empty place, and was invited in by a friendly guy who claimed to own it. He and his dog were there alone. I very much appreciated his showing me around and taking the time to tell me his vision of this FQ10 place. Cancer does help one focus the mind.  :~) Months later with my reconstructive surgeries behind me, I felt a growing urge to be more pro-active regarding my health and overall well-being. I wanted to feel stronger and more alive. I remembered the nice guy with golden retriever and came back up those steps to find him. Todd brought me here, and the environment he’s created keeps me here.

Health & Fitness Goals achieved?
One of the special things about FQ is the sense that each client’s progress is important. I don’t make touchdowns or run marathons…but like the little engine, I keep chugging along. And happily so. I have maintained good health, lost pounds and inches,
completed the Komen 3 Day & walked many 5k for charity events.  I am stronger, have better balance, and am building stamina.  Mostly, I feel different on the inside. I get up and get here…I do what I’m told…I try hard. I like knowing that this is who I am. I show up!

What I enjoy the most?
In my view FQ10 rocks because of its community of people each doing his or her thing here. The front desk & admin staff is welcoming and alert. The trainers are individually—creative, smart, and hard working. I appreciate their commitment to our progress and to making this place sing with energy. And very much I enjoy the company of other clients. There are just so many positive people here…and that vibe is what makes FQ10 the unique workout chamber that it is.

 Small Group workouts?
I love coming to the morning small group workouts. For me it is the perfect combo of client interaction & trainer attention. I need to know that if my form isn’t up to speed, Dani will correct me on the spot…or if it’s time to move to a heavier kettle bell, Jeff will make that happen. And last summer when Ryan was our small group trainer, he gave us mini-lectures (oops I mean, shared info with us) that really helped us keep our acts together. Small group workouts provide variety, friendship, progress and
a sense of accountability that I wouldn’t find in another type of work out.  It advances the ball.

A Quote I live by?
It’s one by a terrific man with a booming voice named Jeff King.
It is “TYT!”  A million times he has yelled  “Stein TYT….Trust your Trainer!”  And I do.

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