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A Tribute to an Army Veteran Whose Legacy Lives On Forever

Happy Memorial Day! Thank you to all the families of the servicemen & women who paid the ultimate sacrifice (their lives) fighting for our freedom. Today is a tribute episode to the son of a dear friend (Jeaneane Henson), whose son took his own life after serving in the Army. 

Folks, mental health is a “real” thing. Depression, PTSD, and suicide are unfortunately at all-time highs in our society and in our military. I wanted to pay tribute to Daniel Ferguson and his legacy today as he served our wonderful country for several years (both domestically and in Afghanistan) before taking his own life. 

Here is what you will learn In today’s episode:

  • What changed in 2019… before Daniel’s death
  • How does a mother get through the loss of a child
  • Opportunities for veterans who need help after serving
  • Resources available
  • Jeaneane share some of her fondest memories of Daniel
  • What helps Jeaneane today living with the loss of her son Daniel

Today, the Daniel Ferguson Memorial Foundation lives on and is serving the military community admirably. Daniel’s mom Jeaneane is committed to make sure more military men & women don’t take their own life and she’s on a mission to save more lives. 

To bring about more awareness of mental health for our veterans, please share this episode. Likewise, if you know any veterans struggling, they can contact the Veterans Crisis hotline at or the National Suicide Hotline at 800-273-8255. Thank you in advance. Life is precious and our many veterans need continued support.

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2:30 – Meet Jeaneane Henson, who has over 40 years of experience in the fitness industry.
The accident that changed Jeaneane’s life. The History and stories of fitness 40 years ago

8:15 – What has being a part of the Mastermind program done for you and your business?
Need to be with the pack of leaders in the industry!

10:16 – 2019 Life changed….News of Daniel’s Death.
Mission is to serve people with mental health issues

16:18 – Daniel’s health issues.
In the hospital throwing up blood clots

20:12 – How do you get through it?
Life preservers…you need to swim to them! Daniel Ferguson Memorial Foundation (DFM), 501C3. Foundation Work. Listening to stories from Vets.

26:20 – Do you feel that when men and women get out of the military they feel lost?
Fitness is a great transition. Fitops Foundation …helping veterans achieve greatness in Fitness and in Life!

30:18 – Why should someone hire a veteran?
They are on time, have great systems, and follow guidelines.

32:35 – Resources for Families…check out the Daniel Somers Network Support Act.
Daniel’s Foundation and Challenge – IG: dfmemorialfoundation, FB: Daniel’s Challenge (Private) and Daniel Ferguson Memorial Foundation (Public)

38:37 – Jeaneane shares some of her fondest memories of Daniel.

40:19 – You are only as happy as your saddest child…Jeaneane shares what that means to her and how she finds happiness now.
Journaling. Meditation and breathwork. Grief counselor. Her Daughter and grandchildren.

43:13 – Advice to anyone going through a challenging time.
1-800-273-8255 Hotline or text 83855 and get help

More about Jeaneane Henson:

Jeaneane is a fitness professional with over four decades of experience in the health and fitness industry. After experiencing a life changing accident as a competitive equestrian athlete, her rehabilitation inspired her to pursue a career helping others to achieve a healthy, fit, functioning body.

Later, as a competitive bodybuilder, she became an ambassador for women in body building to empower them to build a more feminine physique versus the female version of the male stereotype.

She created California Bodies, a San Diego based fitness center to bring her experience to serve her community and a mission to mentor the next generation of fitness professionals.

She is the founder of the Daniel Ferguson Memorial Challenge, a non-profit dedicated to creating physical and mental strength to veterans by establishing a bond and camaraderie through workouts and friendly competition with four annual events.

Another project is the Three Element Program (TEP), based on recent academic research to bring the benefits of fitness, nutrition and social engagement to those experiencing the early stages of cognitive impairment.

Follow Jeaneane – FB:cabodies, IG: @california_bodies_fitness

Daniel’s Foundation and Challenge – IG:dfmemorialfoundation, FB: Daniel’s Challenge (Private) and Daniel Ferguson Memorial Foundation (Public)

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