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A Tribute to Sawman on his 52nd Birthday

A Tribute to Sawman on his 52nd Birthday

Even though our beloved friend, Ken “Sawman” Sawyer is not with us physically anymore, he is definitely looking down on us and I know he’s with us in spirit.  Today, on what would have been his 52nd birthday, here are 52 tributes to a man I miss dearly.  There is not one SINGLE day that goes by that I don’t think of him.  If you knew him or ever met him even once, I’m sure you would feel the same.

1. Do not take yourself too seriously

2. Laugh and Have FUN

3. Your best friends are alongside you “moving”

4. Smile

5. Talk to people and ask how they are doing today?

6. Do not be afraid of what others think about you



9. Seek to ENCOURAGE and be encouraged

10. When a teammate is down, bring them up!

11. When you are down, EXERCISE

12. Do not spend too much money on clothes – overrated

13. Do not spend money on haircuts – overrated.  The Flobe is a great option.

14. Biking saves your knees

15. Do not eat GREEN all the time – it’s overrated

16. SUGAR and FAT are exercise initiators

17 CAFFEINE in Mountain Dew boosts endorphins

18. Write an “in your face” email to motivate a friend

19. Bootcamp Football is a great way to move

20. Bootcamp Football builds camaraderie with your teammates

21. Bootcamp Football is most effective when refereed fairly

22. “Feed off of Todd’s energy, not your cupcake”

23. Believe in YOURSELF

24. Seek to help others

25. Say HI to a stranger

26. Exercise is your best friend when shared with others

27. Do not wash your favorite exercise shirt – overrated

28. Never be afraid to spend time at the back of the pack – the real athletes hang there

29. Hotdogs, Burgers, and chips are not overrated

30. Be grateful for your friends – they are not overrated

31. BE LOUD – on occasion

32. BE PROUD – always

33. TEAMS WIN, individuals fail

34. The BIGGER the GUY – the SLOWER the guy – get over it

35. Fitness Quest 10 is the Magic Kingdom of ALL gyms – even when Todd is gone on travel

36. Fitness Quest 10 is the Magic Kingdom of ALL gyms – even when Todd is there … LOL

37. Never be afraid to drink a root beer in the “roots”

38. At the end of the day TD BOOTCAMP beats BEER, TD FITNESS beats FLAB


40. CHEST BUMP SOMEBODY.  Better yet, booty bump them.

41. “WIN TODAY – WORKOUT tomorrow – no I mean – Workout TODAY – WIN tomorrow  – see TODD for proper MANTRA”

42. “BOOTCAMP Cadence and CHANTS are best understood by Todd – but we love them.”

43. Loyalty is what I do!


44. Play – Play – Play – Work hard to play big!


45. Weekly date night with a loved one!


46.  “It’s OK to get run over in life.. get up, dust yourself off, and keep going” (Sawman once got run over by an Indy car in the pits)


47. Always be available to help a brother or sister out


48.  Adventure and speed are a daily need!


50. Garbage bags are the new rain gear


51.  Don’t WAIT!




We miss you brother SAWMAN!  Thanks for the lessons—IMPACT forever!!!!



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