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A few weeks back I surprised my Leadership team with a team-building trip to a Dave Ramsey “Entre-Leadership” event in Long Beach, CA. This was a world-class one-day seminar that allowed us an opportunity to work ON our business together as a team, away from the everyday hustle and bustle at Fitness Quest 10.

The number one thing that I was seriously impressed by in Ramsey’s operation is how he is constantly AMPLIFYING his voice and powerful message in bigger and better ways.

In his nearly 30 years of being in business, Dave has been laser-focused on learning different ways to leverage various forms of technology to help enhance his business and brand. And he has continuously evolved his business to include the not-so traditional methods of getting his voice out there. Not only does Dave deliver game-changing live seminars around the world, he is leveraging platforms such as podcasting and radio broadcasts to its fullest capacity. His list of subscribers has reached over 1 million people! Now that’s DEEP IMPACT!

One of the key lessons that Ramsey continuously reinforced was that marketing is never ending. When you are in the business of helping people, we need to make sure we are focusing on building solid relationships at all times. And that we are leveraging technology to expand your network at the same time.

This take-away leads me to share another one of my IMPACT principles with you today. One of the greatest lessons that I learned years ago, that was reinforced in this workshop, was that on-going marketing is essential to business success.

 IMPACT Principle #4: Master Your Marketing. Connect deeply with people, amplify your voice, leverage technology to enhance your brand, anticipate change, and always remember it is about the value you deliver to the people you are serving and the quality of relationships within your tribe.

To illustrate what this principle can truly mean for you and your business, I dug up an IMPACT-ful clip from one of my 3.5 Day Mentorship presenters, Trish Blackwell (and who is this year’s winner of the Ali Brown, Young Entrepreneur to Watch Award). Trish has been killing it with podcasting, amplifying her voice, spreading her message and is creating a significant brand when it comes to developing confidence in young women.

Listen in as Trish breaks down how she is mastering the business of podcasting and how it is helping her brand today. She took a chance on a platform that spoke to her and has been able to reach hundreds of thousands of people without ever leaving her home. And, if you can believe this, Trish actually first started the recording of her podcasts in her closet! Talk about putting any kind of lagging excuses to sleep.

Let’s go out to San Diego and take a look at my latest 3.5 Day Mentorship as Trish talks podcasting, marketing, and then some…   Trish Blackwell speaking at my 3.5 Day Mentorship

I hope you enjoyed Trish’s message and can now see the power of how a platform such as podcasting can certainly amplify a brand.

Think about your business.

How are you going to amplify your voice?

How are you going to best leverage technology?

What are you going to do to strengthen the relationships within your tribe?

Answer these questions and then take ACTION on the ones that most speak to you. Remember IMPACT Principle #4 and then go out and create massive IMPACT in your universe.

Much love.


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