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An EPIC Boot Camp in San Diego

I just got done teaching an EPIC boot camp session down at the gorgeous Mission Bay Hilton Beach & Tennis Resort.

This is exactly where I started my training business in San Diego over 17 years ago. So I always LOVE going down there.

And there are a few specific reasons why today was EPIC.

1. Anytime I am in town and get to teach to my “regulars,” I love it.

2. I had 2 special assistant instructors today. My son’s Luke (11) and Brady (9) helped lead the paces & sing the cadences. And they loved the “Game-Time” when we played B.C. football.

3. Our 6-week Bikini Boot Camp program (run by standout Fitness Quest 10 trainers Janet Bertrand & Melanie Rogers) wrapped up today and 30+ women were working out in their bikini’s on Mission Bay (separate from our Boot Camp. Let’s just say the ladies got a ton of attention… and then some!)


4. I joined forces with Alwyn Cosgrove & Craig Ballantyne down there for a bit of the Boot Camp. No joke.

For those of you that don’t know, both Alwyn and Craig are two other leaders in the fitness industry and Craig (creator of Turbulence Training) is hosting a Turbulence Training Summit event down here at the Hilton San Diego. And Alwyn is presenting at the event.

Craig and I had often crossed-paths but we had never formally met. Until today. And I love the great things he is doing to spread IMPACT in the fitness community and beyond.

And Alwyn. Let’s just say I love Alwyn. He’s funny. He’s smart as a whip. He and his wife Rachel have an incredibly successful training business up in Santa Clarita, CA (north of Los Angeles). And most importantly, he has a great perspective on LIFE.

“AC” is a not only a survivor of Stage-IV cancer, but also a bone marrow and stem cell transplant after he relapsed. That tends to provide a much different perspective on life and business than most.

It’s funny how some classes/sessions feel more special than others. And today was one of those days!

I hope you have an absolutely incredible weekend and get a chance to relax, unwind, connect with those you love, and have some fun. #IWILL

Much love.



P.S. After Boot Camp, Alwyn talked to me about a 4-week On-line University he literally just created and how pumped up he is to share it with other fitness pros. I told him I’d be proud to share it with my fans and friends.

Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on your outlook), Monday night is the last day to enroll because he is going to be kicking off the program next week.

If you want all the details, check it out here:


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