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Are You an “EVERY DAY” Kind of Person?

I recently read Stuart Scott’s book, “Every Day I Fight.” It was undoubtedly one of the best books I have EVER read. I literally cried 3x while reading the book. It’s that good.

One of the things I loved in the book is how I felt like I was fighting cancer WITH Stuart. I have read a lot of books regarding people who were battling cancer. Never did I feel like I was actually in the fight with them.

Stuart goes into depth about the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual battle while fighting his appendiceal cancer.

He shares his immense love for his 2 daughters: Sydni and Taelor. And he says that’s what keeps him fighting every day.

And Stuart goes into depth about his physical routine throughout the 7+ year battle he had with cancer.

On several occasions, he shared how important his physical workouts and training were while he was receiving chemotherapy.

Stuart commented, “My return to the gym felt kind of spiritual. The word that jumped out at me: LIFE. I started to pray, thanking God I still had it—life… Here I was 45-minutes out of chemo, and I was in the gym, doing what I do. I started to run. What could be the harm? The disease wasn’t in control. I was.

I skipped rope for a few minutes. Then came 2 sets of 50 pushups each and a few rounds of shadow-boxing. Rinse and repeat. That was followed by 5 sets of dumbbell bench presses—about 60 lbs each—and 5 sets of dumbbell curls. It wasn’t one of my pre-cancer workouts, but it was like medicine to me.”

Stuart Scott did this over and over. As a matter of fact he did it EVERY DAY.

And then he said something extremely powerful, “I am an EVERY DAY kind of guy. Not an every other day kind of guy….”

Wow. That stuck with me. “I am an EVERY DAY kind of guy.” Every. Single. Day.

When referring to how he would ALWAYS (every single day) go to the gym after each chemo session, Stuart said, “When people would hear of my post-chemo workout regimen, they’d get wide-eyed and kind of marvel at it. It’s nothing to admire, folks. It’s not some act of bravery. I was at the gym because I NEEDED to be. Because I was terrified. Every minute of every day I was afraid I was going to die.”

“You’ve heard the phrase ‘Listen to your body.’ Well, during and after chemo, there were many times I was fatigued. I wasn’t nauseated so much as I just had a general blech feeling, a malaise. My body felt depleted. My body seemed to be telling me to skip the gym and go home and get in bed… But I told that part of me to shut the hell up.” 

And he just did it. Every. Single. Day.

Are you doing something EVERY DAY to get better?

Like Stuart, maybe you need to train every day to improve your health and performance.

Hopefully, you don’t have cancer like Stuart did. And don’t wait until you do!

Or maybe you need to work on your flexibility, mobility, and recovery.
Or listen to a program to improve a skill you are trying to enhance.
Or read a book for 20 minutes that will enhance your spirit.

Our Word of the Week (WOW) this week is “EVERY DAY.”

It’s an attitude. A kick-butt, Stuart Scott, warrior-like attitude that is determined to dominate the day. Regardless of how bleak your outcome or situation may be.

My friends, do something EVERY DAY this week to get better. #IWILL

Now what’s it going to be?

Much love,


P.S. If you missed my Dose of Durkin this morning, I shared a quick interview from my good friend and fitness-industry colleague, Peter Twist. “Twister” is a Stage 4 cancer survivor and is another guy who has an incredible attitude that epitomizes the “EVERY DAY I FIGHT” attitude. Listen in to my quick interview now to receive some great perspective and inspiration.

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