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Are You in Reinvention Mode?

It seems like many conversations I’m having lately involve people “reinventing” themselves.

Maybe it’s your business.

Maybe it’s your career.

Or maybe it’s YOU!

Heck, I get it. I think many of us are in “Reinvention Mode” in some way.

Me too.

Let me share a story with you.

In the early 2000’s, I used to listen to a morning sports radio show called the “Scott & B.R. Show” when I was out for my early morning run. It was on the Mighty 690. And then it got moved to the “Mighty 1090.” For at least a decade, I listened to Scott Kaplan and Billy Ray Smith chop it up and talk sports. I loved it!

I literally used to listen to that show on my Sony Walkman radio. Does anyone remember those? (Haha).

Well, right after the “Scott & BR Show” ended at 9 am, another show would come on called “The Jim Rome Show.” Because that show didn’t come on until 9 am, I didn’t get to listen to much of it. But I often caught glimpses of it if I was in the car driving or if I was traveling, as Rome’s show was nationally syndicated.

Heck, a few years ago, Jim Rome even had a show on ESPN called “Rome is Burning.” His brash, in-your-face style created a loyal following of listeners/viewers that were part of his “Jungle.”

Why do I share?

Because Jim Rome reached out to me last week and shared that he has been consuming my content for a while and was a “fan.”

I was like, “Daaaammnnnn. Jim Rome.” I’ve been a fan of his for almost 20-years.

And I never knew he was following me the last few years.

The coolest thing was that he invited me to his newest initiative, his podcast called “THE REINVENTION PROJECT”.

Heck, even Jim Rome is REINVENTING himself.

We recorded for his Reinvention Project podcast this past Monday. It came out yesterday.

I invite you to LISTEN to this deep, 59-minute conversation that stemmed from everything from how growing up in Brick, NJ shaped/molded who I am today…. all the way to HOW I AM REINVENTING MYSELF today also.

Check out today’s convo with Jim Rome…

In some way, I bet you are “reinventing” yourself, your business, or your career these days also. I just call it PROGRESS.

Here are 5 + 1 points to help continue evolving, growing, and reinventing yourself as a man or woman to be the best version of YOU:

  1. GO DEEP on YOU. Perhaps you call it soul-searching. When you ask yourself the question, “What is my deepest, divine purpose here on earth?” and you spend time thinking, praying, and writing out your thoughts, that deep work allows you to become the best version of yourself.
  2. Tap into the Whispers. Write down what you hear. I believe if you write down your whispers, and those same whispers continue to tug at you month after month and year after year, you must ACT on them.
  3. CHANGE. Change is hard. We know that. I’ll be the first to say to NOT change just to change. Change must be towards what we believe will be a better business. A better career. A better parent. Or to be a better spouse. Or a better YOU.
    But CHANGE is inevitable, and we must be open to the opportunities that lay on the other side of change. #DoTheWork
  1. Patience in the GAP. If you are anything like me, you don’t have a lot of patience. You want things done…NOW. Patience for what you want or what you work for might take YEARS to accomplish. Or perhaps it will never occur. But when it comes to reinvention, it takes work, practice, change, and PATIENCE.
  2. BELIEF. Belief that the BEST is yet to come.
    Belief that the next 25-years is going to be better than the last 25-years.
    Belief that “tomorrow” will be better than “today.”
    Belief that your business/career is changing people’s lives and making this world a better place to be.
    Belief in YOU. Even when you sometimes don’t. You still gotta believe in YOU!
  1. “Be where your boots are at.” I know it sounds cliché, but it’s true. If you have angst or anxiety about the future, continue to stay in the NOW. Dream about the future and be excited for what is coming, but keep serving people today.

Keep showing up daily.

Listen, I really enjoyed the conversation with Jim Rome. I don’t believe he’s the only one “reinventing” himself. I know I am. I know in many ways you may also be.

I’ll end today’s note to you with a quote from my good friend, Pastor David Jeremiah. “Dr J” says, “Always make sure your DREAMS for tomorrow are BIGGER than your memories of yesterday.”

Keep Dreaming, keep Reinventing, and keep making PROGRESS!

Much love and many DREAMS…


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