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Be Ready When Your Number is Called with NFL QB Chase Daniel

NFL quarterback Chase Daniel has been in the League for 10-years. He was undrafted out of college and has played for four different NFL teams. He has started only five games in his career but has made the most out of his opportunities. In today’s episode, Chase shares his mindset, his keys to success as a professional QB, and what it takes to be a high-performer in any profession. Also, Chase talks about leadership, preparation, and how to stay ready even when you are not the “starter.” 

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More on the Episode:

4:10 – “Go and Take What You Want”

4:47 -How Did Chase Go Undrafted
12,000+ Yards & 4th In Heisman Trophy Votes… what happened?

5:48 – The Redskins Story
 Find out why Chase Daniel’s agent told him not to sign and “get out of there.”

9:48 – How it Happened
Ryan Pace, player personnel (now GM with Chicago Bears– what?!!), wanted him in New Orleans. One Super Bowl later… 🙂 

11:28 – The Commonalities With All The Quarterbacks He’s Worked With 
The IT factor: mentally and emotionally. These leaders have very specific traits and goals in common.

12:48 – One Word You’d Use To Describe Drew Brees, New Orleans Saints

12:51 – One Word You’d Use To Describe Alex Smith, Kansas City Chiefs

12:57 – One Word You’d Use To Describe Carson Wentz, Philadelphia Eagles

13:01 – One Word You’d Use To Describe Mitch Trubisky, Chicago Bears

13:35 – The Job of a Backup Quarterback
Preparing the starter (at all costs)… as well as himself. 

15:43 – Staying Ready At All Times
48 hours to prepare… Chase’s story on the shortest turnaround in NFL history. 

16:45 – How To Make it Happen
Visual repetitions > physical repetitions 

19:00 – One Play At A Time
Forget the outcome.

20:19 – Chase’s Biggest Transformation
Perspective. “Football is what I do it’s not who I am.”

22:02 – Turning Off Work
Chase’s tools to decompress and turn off so he can spend quality time with his family and be present.

25:50 – Showing Up With a Purpose and Showing Up To Work
What really matters and speaks.

27:39 – Where True Forward Momentum Is Built
The real work lies before and after the 9-5 grind.

28:43 – On Consistency 
“Be the same person every day.” How Chase does that…

30:52 – On Failure
The reality of the cut-throat business of the NFL… and how to stay in the game & take advantage of the next opportunity following a perceived moment of “failure”.

33:36 – On Persevering Through The Noise
The importance of your inner circle.

36:24 – On Faith
“It’s my number one, I was put here for something bigger than myself.”

38:15 – Quick Hitter Q&A’s

40:38 – Chase Daniel’s Legacy
As a man, as a husband, as a father, and with his wealth.

Follow Chase Daniel at @chase_daniel on IG and @ChaseDaniel on Twitter.

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